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There are a huge variety of wall cladding types and profiles available now so you can unleash your creative fire and feel the inspiration. Together with No1. Roofing and Building Supplies you can unleash that creative force.


Easyclad 2PF300 is another of Lysaght’s superior range of products. Easyclad 2PF300 offers a really smart modern wall cladding alternative for either exterior or interior cladding.

Long, clean lines present an elegant weatherboard type appearance. Easyclad 2PF300 is available in either Colorbond steel with its wide range of stunning pre-painted colours or Zincalume, which is an aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel. Both Zincalume and Colorbond steel will last at least twice as long as conventional galvanised iron.

Outstanding features of Easyclad 2PF300 include:

  • Panels can run either vertically or horizontally with 300mm cover
  • ZINCALUME® aluminium/zinc/ magnesium alloy coated steel complies with AS1397:2011
  • COLORBOND® Ultra steel is available for severe and coastal environments
  • Made from 100% Australian made Bluescope steel
  • High impact resistance

Easyclad 2PF300

Easyclad 2PF300 Sheets


Panelrib (From Lysaght) presents a more understated profile with elegant fluting adding interest to near-flat panels.

The flutings also add longitudinal support to the panels whilst still allowing the panels to retain flexibility throughout their width.

Panelrib can be used in walling or eaves applications and offers outstanding features including:

  • Cover width—850mm
  • May be used as eaves in residential homes
  • May be used either flat or curved
  • ZINCALUME® aluminium/zinc/ magnesium alloy coated steel

Enjoy the stunning range of pre-painted colours of the COLORBOND® range or the shimmering play of light on the Zincalume coated steel. Both types of steel will provide more than twice the lifespan of ordinary galvanised iron roofs and are made from 100% Australian steel.


Panelrib Sheets


Lysaght’s Mini Orb takes the traditional time-tested corrugated iron to new levels of elegant sophistication. Its miniature corrugations provide a more subtle ripple effect and are a great walling solution or as a feature wall in contrast to other more traditional wall claddings.

Mini Orb:

  • Is a great choice for feature walls and ceilings
  • May be used in flat and curved applications
  • Corrugations can run vertically or horizontally

Mini Orb covers a width of 820mm and has a depth of 6mm making it a perfect choice even in smaller rooms where space is tight and bolder profiles might be overwhelming.

Mini Orb comes as either Colorbond steel with its wide range of stunning pre-painted colours or Zincalume, which is an aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel. Both Zincalume and Colorbond steel will last at least twice as long as conventional galvanised iron.

Mini Orb

Mini Orb Sheets


K-Panel is another fine steel wall cladding product from the Stramit range. Made from either Zincalume or Colorbond pre-painted steel, K-panel has a low rib profile that is at home in a wide array of settings.

K-panel is a relatively inexpensive walling option with a broad coverage of 864mm. It is quick to install and can be erected using simple fixed screws making it a great choice for sheds, soffits, and fascias. K-panel can be fixed to timber or steel framing.

Features of Stramit K-panel include:

  • Low cost, fast installation for walls, soffits, fascias, and sheds
  • Wide coverage—864mm
  • Superior performance of Zincalume or Colorbond steel
  • Straightforward installation with standard fasteners

K-panel is made by Stramit, a major Australian producer of steel cladding products since the 1980’s.


K_Panel 1 Sheets


Minirib, as the name suggests, has a subtle rib profile making it ideal for wall cladding situations that demand an unobtrusive profile such as internal shed linings or narrow soffits. A massive 900mm standard coverage means you can maximise your cover at the same time as lowering your installation costs.

Made from hi-tensile steel, Stramit Minirib is highly resistant to impact damage while its low rib height allows flexibility for use in curved applications.

Outstanding features of Stramit Minirib include:

  • Hi-tensile steel with either Zincalume or Colorbond coatings
  • The ability to be spring-curved to a very tight radius (2,000mm)
  • May be installed on steel or timber framing
  • Easy installation using standard screws


Minirib Sheets


Stramit Mini Corry, as the name suggests, features a miniature corrugated profile. Mini Corry is perfect for internal wall claddings where a special accent feature is needed and can also be used in ceilings, soffits, awnings, feature walls, and screens.

Wide coverage of 825mm simplifies installation and reduces installation costs.

Mini Corry stands out as a ceiling or wall cladding because it:

  • Features a mini corrugation profile that lends a subtle accent to any surface
  • Is made from hi-tensile steel coated with either Zincalume or Colorbond
  • May be installed using standard screws or rivets

You can choose from a stunning range of Colorbond colours to match or contrast your Mini Corry panels with any setting in the house.

Mini Corry

Mini Corry Sheets


Multi Clad (from Lysaght) is a quick to install, inexpensive steel wall cladding that is perfect for garages, carports, and sheds. Strong trapezoidal ribs are interspersed with lower profile ribs to present a highly attractive appearance.

Ribs can be orientated vertically or horizontally and sheets can be custom cut to suit your requirements.

Multiclad offers wide coverage—840mm—lowering your installation costs and reducing the time involved in installation. Made from 100% Australian steel coated with either Zincalume or Colorbond with its wide range of pre-painted colours, Multiclad will provide years of exceptional wear and tear and still look great.

Multuiclad is available in various thicknesses to cater for all corrosion zones including severe coastal and industrial installations.

Multi Clad

Multi Clad Roofing Sheets


Accessories range from the small essentials such as screws and fasteners to the large optional extras such as feature walls that can really add a dash of difference and a touch of class to your next building project.

No1. Roofing and Building Supplies can supply a wide range of accessories that will not only make your life easier but can transform new building projects or renovations beyond your wildest dreams.

Building Fixtures and Accessories


Corten cladding presents a new twist on an old theme with modernist steel cladding that has a touch of the traditional values of rugged endurance. Corten weather resistant steel forms a protective anti corrosion layer over time.

This rich reddish-brown rusted protective layer will provide anti-corrosion properties that are even superior to those of ordinary steel in many applications. The richly hued patterns of Corten steel can transform any building and work especially well as feature walls in contrast with other cladding types such as stone or timber.

Corten cladding is ideal for:

  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Structural beams and supports
  • Sheds

Corten cladding comes in a wide range of profiles including corrugated, standing seam, and snaplock.

Corten Cladding

Corten Steel Cladding Project


Corrugated steel sheets have been around for a long time but modern corrugated cladding is worlds apart from the early iron sheets that were used in Australia in the 1800’s. Modern Zincalume or Colorbond steel corrugated cladding lasts at least as twice as long as conventional steel—that means your new cladding will give you many years of enjoyment.

Modern corrugated steel cladding is a great way to provide a real point of contrast in your next building project. Corrugated profiles come in a range of sizes now right down to miniature corrugations of 6mm.

This makes it the perfect choice for feature walls in and outside the house or as iconic features for kitchen cupboards or benches or in the bathroom.

Accessorise your home with corrugated steel cladding.


Corrugated Steel Roofing


Trimdek is a highly versatile product from Lysaght and is ideal for roof and wall cladding. Strong trapezoidal ribs along with more subtle flutings in the pans create an iconic statement on any building.

Let your inspiration run freely and choose Trimdek as a feature wall to draw a contrast with existing cladding or for your patio or carport.

Trimdek is a long span cladding meaning you can cover a greater area without supports and lower your installation costs. You also have fewer joins, which is always an advantage. Width cover is 762mm. Trimdek is compatible with the Trim-klip end and expansion joint system to make life so much easier.

Trimdek is available in the standard range of COLORBOND® steel colours and in unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.


Trimdek Roofing


Fibre cement sheets offer a new way of thinking about flooring. Fibre cement sheets may be used in a number of applications including:

  • Exterior decking
  • Wet areas—as a substrate for tiled areas such as showers etc.

Fibre cement sheets, as the name suggests, are made of compressed cement, silica, and cellulose. They have high resistance values to fire, water, and termite damage. Compressed fibre cement comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses (15, 18, and 24mm) and is very strong.

Compressed fibre cement sheets are appropriate for fixing to either timber or steel framing. Talk to the friendly experts at No1. Roofing and Building Supplies to find out more about load and span/joist requirements for your compressed fibre cement sheeting needs.

Fibre Cement Sheet

Fibre Cement Sheet


Gyprock is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of plasterboard for both residential and commercial purposes. Gyprock is committed to making environmentally friendly plasterboard with paper backing made from 100% recycled materials and the plaster is mostly gypsum (naturally occurring non-toxic rock).

Gyprock manufactures plasterboard for a wide variety of purposes from standard residential to specialty applications and include:

  • Aquachek—minimal moisture absorption designed for wet area use such as bathrooms
  • Sensitive—treated with antifungal agent to inhibit mould and wax to reduce moisture absorption—ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Impact resistant—for areas subject to high wear and tear—it is also fire and noise rated
  • Soundchek – for enhanced noise reduction properties—also has high impact resistance

Gyprock has the right plasterboard for your needs. Just come and talk to the experts at No1 Roofing and Building Supplies.


Gyprock wall and ceiling sheets


Villaboard is a great alternative to plaster board for wet areas. Designed by James Hardie for use in bathrooms, Villaboard creates a seamless look for internal walls or ceilings and is also perfect for high traffic areas such as kitchens.

Villaboard is so easy to paint, wallpaper or tile. Even if Villaboard gets wet it still retains up to 75 times the strength of dry plasterboard. Villaboard is so strong that even if a mistake is made the tile can be removed without damaging the board.

Villaboard has demonstrated exceptional resistance to:

  • Termite damage
  • Rot
  • Fire
  • Mould growth

Villaboard is also available in an acoustic rated version.

Villaboard may even be bent to suit curved applications.

No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies have the wall cladding range to suit all tastes and budgets. Come and see for yourself.


Villaboard lining sheets