Stramit Long Span Roof Sheet Profile specification

Roof and Wall Cladding Profile Specifications


The striking linearity, strength, wide cover, light weight and weather resistance of Stramit Longspan® cladding make it perfect for many commercial roofing and walling applications.

Its excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long, economical spans. The good water-carrying capacity and weather-tightness permit very low roof pitches, leading to economies in the building structure.

Stramit Longspan® cladding is also used for domestic applications, where a strong but uniform appearance is desired.


  • 700mm Cover – quick installation and easy handling.
  • Easy Fixing – conventional through fixed screws maximise performance and installation.
  • Hi-Tensile Steel – light weight and high strength with improved damage resistance.
  • Spring Curving – data for curved roofs.
  • Design Flexibility – long lengths and anti-capillary side laps enable Stramit Longspan® cladding to be used effectively on applications from vertical wall cladding and fascias to roofs with pitch as low as 3°.
  • Non-combustible - meets NCC 2022 requirements for non-combustible materials.
  • Fully Tested – a full range of load performance tables to suit most applications.
  • Extended Spans – strength and rigidity of the profile allows economical construction.
  • Proudly Australian Made.