Storey Park Community Centre

After years of planning, the Storey Park Community Centre in Hornsby was proudly opened in January 2020.

No.1 Architectural Panel Systems

Making a Statement

The primary intent behind the design was to create a sense of continuity between the development and its surrounding environment.

To achieve this, design approaches were tailored to the existing landscape to create an area that both complemented the surrounds and highlighted the area's natural vistas and defined a playground destination in the Hornsby area.

This project needed to stand out and make a statement in the community. It needed to stand the test of time, become an inspiration for generations to come, and also a destination for the community.

Architectural signatures don’t come much better than this project. Everything has been curated in a way that blends the contemporary into the surroundings.

The choice of building materials, the colour contrasts, the clever use of space make the Storey Park Community Centre inviting and a landmark for the Hornsby community.

Upon arrival, you are presented with a geometrical wonderland that captures everything that is current and will continue to provoke imaginations well into the future.

The chosen contrast of striking timber and native landscaping means that this project makes its mark as a feature of the local community, and one that they can all enjoy.

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Flexible, Durable and Virtually Maintenance Free

The Genesis™ profile in Colorbond® Monument Matt steel brings one of the traditional styles of cladding right into the modern world.

The big bold shadow lines that stretch and weave across the project bring it to life through inspiration and experience.

The dancing vertical lines are engaging and they truthfully enable you to appreciate the beauty that has been created by human creativity.

Your eyes are invited to explore the project as a whole allowing for the user to appreciate the synergy of nature and the environment.

The Genesis™ architectural system with detailed rib lines plays with abrupt angles and recessed sections. The custom tapered element boasts a powerful and unique look differentiating the building from surrounding ones.

Metal cladding dramatically alters the dynamic of a building. In its rawest forms, it’s flexible, durable and virtually maintenance free. On much grander scales the architecture world has seen a steady push forward in massive metal façades.

Both visually remarkable and pragmatic, the material’s qualities and applicability are undeniably enhancing and complementing the area, as it creates a timeless architectural landmark.


No1 Roofing & Building Supplies are proud to have played their part in this project with the opportunity to support the design team and deliver the artistic flare that clads the building using our Genesis™ (Standing Seam) Tapered Architectural profile.



Genesis™ Standing Seam