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The interlinking folds provide a tried and tested barrier against any water intrusion no matter which way you install them. Consider the material compatibility when juxtaposing different materials at your next construction job!

Savanna™ is making waves in the construction world thanks to its elegant, less-is more beauty. Designers will love a range of standard modules and custom widths available as well as being able lay panels in various orientations.

This opens up an enormous vista for iconic bespoke designs that are equally at home transforming classic renovations or making enchanting modernist statements on new builds all while remaining subtle detail when included within larger design plans.

Savanna™ is the perfect way to expand your creativity and design possibilities. With a large range of materials, colors, patterns - you'll be able to create an incredible piece that goes beyond what's possible without Savanna!


Wall or roof cladding with the Savanna™ steel panel shingles are ideal for any type of application.

The ability to lay the product in different orientations, such as vertical and horizontal makes an endless array patterns you can play around with when designing your home's exterior walls or roofs - even tapering panel sizes are available.

With a range of shapes and colors, Savanna™ shingles can be used to highlight the contrast between aesthetic materials such as stone or timber.

The interlocking seams create an attractive effect that gives your property sophistication without feeling too plain, perfect for both playfulness in design choices but also demonstrating how much time you have put into building this masterpiece.

There are hairline panel joins if desired which would make shadows more subtle or stronger shadowing on particular areas by increasing depth with wider recesses can be arranged.

All these things give architects ultimate freedom when designing new structures with endless possibilities!


  • Colorbond

    0.55mm BMT Colorbond / Zincalume / Metallic / Ultra
  • Copper

    0.7mm BMT Copper
  • Aluminium

    0.7mm BMT Aluminium
  • Corten

    0.55mm COR-TEN
  • Zinc

    0.7mm Zintek Zinc, VMZinc, RheinZink, Jarden Zinc
SAVANNA™ Materials


No.1 Architectural SAVANNA™ FLAT LOCK Profile

SAVANNA™ FLAT LOCK Characteristics

Standard Module Sizes mm mm mm
Lengths (Min - Max) 0.3 - 3 metres (Max)
Application Roofing & Walling for new construction or renovations
Minimum Pitch Requirement 45°
Maximum Spans Roofing 0.55 BMT Colorbond (mm) Walling 0.55 BMT Colorbond (mm)
  • Custom widths available upon request.
  • Dimensions are subject to -/+ 10mm tolerance.