Are you tired of using screws that simply don’t perform?

It’s so frustrating when screws snap, or bit cam-out leaves the screw head unusable or where the thread simply doesn’t have the holding power you need. Finding the right screw for the job at the right price has always been a challenge.

It’s time you explored the range of Spax screws. Spax screws are renowned throughout the world for their premium quality, durability, and precision no-fuss performance. With Spax on the job you know you’ve got holding power you can rely on.

No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies is proud to supply the complete range of Spax screws and accessories which are available to buy online or in store.

When you’re looking for the best you can’t go wrong with Spax and No1 Roofing and Building Supplies.

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Spax screws are a premium German-made product from a company with some 200 years of experience making screws.

That’s right they’ve been making screws since 1823. Spax screws are designed and precision-engineered using the highest quality material and processes.

Spax are highly committed to constant research and development and innovation in their search for product excellence. So what makes Spax arguably the best screw manufacturer around?

“Uncompromising quality for safety without compromise” is their motto.

And that policy of quality first extends to an absolute insistence on all screws being made in Germany and meeting the highest European standards.

In fact, Spax screws undergo regular voluntary testing and technical evaluation at the MPA Stuttgart (Material Testing Institute University of Stuttgart). This is your assurance that when you use Spax screws you’re only using the best every time.

Spax screws are available for a wide range of material choices and applications including:

  • Interior/ exterior
  • Timber construction
  • Decking & pergolas
  • MDF & cabinet making
  • Flooring & windows
  • Steel, PVC and plastics

Advantages of Spax Screws

It’s not just the unflinching commitment to exceptional manufacturing standards that sets Spax screws apart from the competition. Innovative design ensures Spax screws perform effortlessly every time.

Cutting edge design features include:

  • Specially shaped serrations that help drive the screw in quickly and enhance holding power
  • Precision ‘Cut Point’ that reduces the need for pre-drilling and eliminates wood splitting
  • Head design that delivers flush countersinking into timber
  • 4-Cut cutter—thread to shaft transition feature that reduces driving torque by 60%
  • Exclusive Delta Seal coating--twice the corrosion protection of hot-dipped galvanised screws
  • Innovative T-Star plus recess delivers far greater driving torque and eliminates tool cam-out

The entire Spax range of screws is available through our branches or our online store.

We also supply the specialised Spax bits and other accessories to complete your superior Spax experience.



It’s always critically important to get the right screw for the job. Using the right screw means screws will drive faster, more cleanly and will eliminate frustration.

We have Spax screws that are designed for an enormous range of applications.

Mooloolaba Harbour Boardwalk


Spax cylindrical head, stainless steel screws are designed especially for wooden decking.

Stainless steel is commonly stipulated for outdoor building projects including decking because of the superior corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel is particularly recommended in marine environments. All Spax decking screws come in either A2 (304 grade) or A4 (316 grade) quality stainless steel (or both).

A2 stainless steel offers high abrasion and corrosion resistance.

A4 stainless steel delivers extreme anti corrosion and hardness performance thanks to the inclusion of molybdenum. A4 is especially recommended for salt water or corrosive chemical settings.

Spax decking screws feature a cylindrical head that drives neatly into the decking boards for effortless countersinking of each screw with no splitting of the timber.

This results in an impeccable finish. The T-Star plus bit delivers real driving torque for fast, clean, effortless fastening even in hardwoods.

Decking screws also feature the precision ‘Cut Point’ to reduce timber splitting. And you can say goodbye to creaking deck boards thanks to the brilliantly designed fixing thread sitting just beneath the screw head.

This ensures a strong bond between decking boards and the substrate. Spax screws for decks come in 5, 6, and 8mm thickness grades with lengths of 40mm to 120mm making them ideal for all your decking, boardwalk or footbridge projects.

We also supply the Spax wood to metal screws, which are ideal for where you want to affix fencing, screens or timber decking boards to steel joists.

And the special tip allows you to screw into 5mm steel without pre-drilling. Using the Spax Drive Stop set to the correct depth will ensure that every screw is embedded perfectly every time.

The Spax timber to steel screw is suitable for fixing decking boards from 16mm to 22mm and 35mm to 50mm thick to steel joists.

Spax recommend the use of the Spax Air Spacer in all horizontal applications to allow space for any timber or steel shavings and to prevent contact between the timber and the steel for additional corrosion protection.

For the connection of wooden decks
in stainless steel A4

Step 1 - Drill the boards


Drill the boards and substructure with a SPAX Step drill 4

Step 2 - Drive in the decking screws


Drive the decking screw straight in with a T-STAR plus T25

Result - Impeccable visual appearance


Impeccable visual appearance and low splitting effect


Pergolas can be a stunning addition to any garden area but it’s important that you use the right screws if you want a structure that remains safe and attractive for many years to come.

Spax washer head screws in 6, 8, or 10mm diameters are ideal for outdoor pergolas where there is minimal exposure to weather.

The washer head, as the name suggests, provides an enlarged head surface area that allows you to apply increased tightening power for pulling warped timbers closer together.

Spax washer head screws are Wirox coated and this coating delivers considerably better corrosion protection than standard zinc coated screws.

We also supply Spax A1 stainless steel post screws. These deliver truly solid structural support for your pergola.


Fixing timber fence posts firmly to the ground is a critical structural element of any fence.

Spax 8mm stainless steel post screws are perfect for ensuring a strong connection between timber posts and ground anchors.

The high grade stainless steel protects against corrosion and will continue to look great for many years.


Fasteners for floors can add a really smart finishing touch to any flooring type. Get the wrong fasteners for flooring and you can end up dealing with squeaky, moving floorboards.

Spax have the right screws for all timber flooring including chip board and solid timber.

The 4 Cut cutter feature eliminates pre-drilling and possible splitting. The multi-head design allows the screw to countersink itself and the Wirox coating keeps your fasteners looking great for the life of the floor.

The precision cut point enables truly pinpoint accurate screw placement on any wood from MDF to the hardest timbers.

Flooring screws come in 35mm to 80mm lengths.


Spax also manufacture a wide range of screws for wall and ceiling fixing. Flat countersunk heads are great for concealment or you can make a feature out of the smart raised countersunk screws.

A choice of coating options adds to the colour palette that you can play with and include:

  • Bright zinc
  • Nickel
  • Stainless steel


The Spax range of screws also features screws designed for fixing wooden window and door frames as well as aluminium-framed windows and doors.

The special countersunk head delivers a clean finish even when you fix the screw on an angle. A choice of T-Star plus and H and Z cross type recesses gives you real choice for driving power and efficiency.

The4Cut design eliminates splitting and the ground serrations thread pattern delivers fast effortless driving every time.

Screws are available in 4 and 4.2mm thread diameters and 25mm to 40mm lengths.

SPAX-M Screws for MDF


Spax have a range of screws specially designed for fixing MDF to MDF and other thin timber composite materials.

These screws feature a slender head with a 75° sloping ribbed underside for effortless and tidy countersinking. The innovative ground serration thread type reduces material bulging and splitting.

The slender design of Spax MDF screws eliminates the need for pre-drilling. The WIROX coating ensures absolutely reliable durability.

MDF screws come in 3.5, 4, & 4.5mm thicknesses and 40 to 80mm lengths.


Balconies must be capable of bearing significant loads. This requirement makes your choice of correct fasteners critical.

Spax A2 stainless steel screws with their superior corrosion resistance are ideal for this job. Your choice includes:

  • Countersunk
  • Raised countersunk,
  • Washer head
  • Pan head

And with the Spax superior thread and head design and diameters up to 8mm these screws will pull your balcony timbers together and keep them together.


We have the full Spax range of countersunk head, raised countersunk head, pan head or washer head in either stainless steel or Wirox coatings so your carport will provide many years of great looking, solid protection for your vehicles.


Spax screws are available for fastening all types of materials including timber to timber, timber to steel, MDF, steel, and plastic.

Spax screws for fastening steel and plastic feature uniquely shaped threads and drill points allowing you to screw through up to 5mm in steel and 4mm in plastic without pre-drilling.

Braking ribs help to prevent over-screwing.


Spax screws offer a variety of screw head designs including; flat countersunk, raised countersunk, washer head, pan head, snap-on head, and cylindrical head.

Each head type is specially designed to provide optimal driving and holding performance as well as an immaculate finish.

SPAX Screw counter sunk head screws


The Spax Flat Countersunk range of screws typically feature the multi-head design that allows he screw to drive effortlessly into timber without splitting the wood.

The milled multi-head ribs ensure the head sits neatly flush with the timber surface for an immaculate finish.

SPAX Screw flat countersunk head, T-STAR plus


Raised countersunk heads offer an elegant solution where the bulk of the screw head is countersunk but the raised profile stands slightly proud of the surface.

This type of screw head is ideal where you want to make a feature of the fasteners such as with board and batten cladding.


Washer head screws deliver an increased ability to tighten screws thanks to the larger surface area of the head.

This is especially useful where you need to pull timbers together very tightly with up to 90% higher supporting strength and can be used to pull warped timbers neatly inline.



Cylindrical screw heads are perfect for where an immaculate countersunk appearance is desirable such as for decking, boardwalks, and bridges.

SPAX Screw pan head screws


Pan head screws feature a flat surface underneath the head to maximise holding power on surfaces where a countersunk appearance is not required or possible. The slightly bevelled edge of the head provides an elegant appearance.


Snap-on screw heads are designed for applications such as snap-on profiles or roller shutter guides where significant torsional forces may come into play.


Spax screws come in an enormous variety of sizes but here is a very general guide.

  • Screws for universal application: lengths--12mm to 90mm in 3, 4, 5 and 6mm diameters.
  • Timber construction screws: lengths—80mm to 800mm in 8, 10, and 12mm diameters.
  • Decking screws: lengths--40mm to 120mm in 5, 6, and 8mm diameters.


Spax supply a wide range of accessories including:

  • Spax bits for all recess types
  • Step drill bits - 4mm & 6mm
  • Drive stop - prevent over-screwing
  • Kaiman Pro - straightens warped decking
  • Air Spacer - for timber decking on steel joists


No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies now stock Spax products in these branch stores:

  • Narrabeen

Spax products available upon request in these stores:

  • Mona Vale
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  • Prestons
  • Regents Park
  • Sutherland Shire (Caringbah)
  • Central Coast (Somersby)
  • Mid North Coast (Port Macquarie)

Feel free to come and talk to us about how Spax can solve all your screw fastener needs. Spax products are also available through our online store.


No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies Spax products are also available through our online store.

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