Snap-Line45® Helps Create Award Winning Self Storage:

Rent a space is a 100% Australian owned business

SnapLine 45

Rent A Space - A growing franchise

Rent a space is a 100% Australian owned business operating for over 40 years in the self storage market.

Based in NSW and with a very impressive number of new stores.

Their most recent achievement was to win the 2022 SSAA (Self Storage Association of Australasia) Awards for Excellence with the ‘Facility of the Year’ category with their Marsden Park Rent A Space facility.

The Marsden Park Rent A Space is the number 14th of their growing franchise, and has 850 units showcased in a state-of-the-art building, backed by excellent service and a deep commitment to the local community.

Architecturally Designed

Rent A Space’s CEO - Thomas Whalan, has commissioned award winning architects SJB to develop a concept design for their new facilities which the served communities could be proud of and which best serve the needs of their many varied customers.

Further to this work, Thomas engaged Victorian based company Harding Architects to translate the concepts into functional and yet aesthetic pleasing projects, with a robust and strong visual point of difference.

‘This facility provides functional, yet inviting, safe and secure spaces and enhanced amenities such as large undercover driveways, a customer meeting room with service amenities and oversized fast lifts which all contribute to best serve the customers’ needs while maximising the appropriate planning footprint for the project.

Sustainable building practices are a hallmark of this facility, including the use of energy-efficient materials, bioretention/water capture, treatment and recycling for irrigation and cleaning purposes, solar panels and more’.

CEO - Thomas Whalan

Creating a Landmark

For the large-scale facades, vertical unbroken lines ease the horizontal placement of the building, achieving balance and harmony whilst strongly emphasising the brand, and creating a landmark where each facility is placed.

To assist in delivering conceptual yardsticks to reality, No1 Roofing & Building Supplies was engaged to supply our Snap-Line45® Panelling to cover the whole of the facade. Snap-Line45® has numerous features that only enhance Rent A Space buildings and their vicinity.

Snap-Line45® has elite strength characteristics that enabled us to surpass the ‘build strongly’ requirement for these projects, with concealed fixings - offering excellent aesthetics with no marks on ribs during installation, and quick installation process - ensuring a 30-40% saving on install in comparison to similar profiles.

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Meeting the Project Brief

Snap-Line45® is very versatile as it can be made from many different base metals: COLORBOND®, Unicote Lux, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium Zinc, and Corten… just to name a few.

This gives a massive range of options to anyone looking for suitable roofing and cladding products to fulfill their design intent and project requirements.

Snap-Line45® also offers the possibility of being rolled on site, which for many large-scale jobs is of huge benefit because it means less panel handling - causing little to no damage to panels, and does not rely on long delivery trucks blocking roads or things alike.

Snap-Line45® is adaptable to big or small projects and with options of standard modules - and also custom pan sizes, it is really a suit-most-projects type of system.

There is no project too big or too small for Snap-Line45®, and with options of standard modules - and also custom pan sizes, it is really a suit-all-projects type of system.

Rent a Space has 14 operating facilities with another four in various stages of planning and development due in the coming years. Congrats Rent A Space for your achievement with Marsden Park!

No1 Roofing & Building Supplies and Snap-Line45® look forward to being part of the journey.