If you want a new roof or roof restoration that will still be looking fantastic in 75 years and performing as well as it did when new than you can’t go past a real slate roof.

A slate roof delivers a prestigious look and feel to any roof and is ideal for colonial homes, old churches or any building where heritage tiles and aesthetics are appropriate.

Slate roof tiles are a natural stone product. The best quality slate usually comes from quarries in places such as Wales, Spain, Germany or Italy.

Natural slate, such as Welsh slate or Spanish slate, is more expensive than most other roofing materials. The cost reflects the high labour costs of preparing the natural stone tiles but the installation costs of specialist master roof tilers also makes most slate roofing prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, there are much more affordable options such as READYSLATE® or other alternative roofing materials if you want that special slate look.


READYSLATE® is a new revolutionary genuine slate roofing material that delivers all the benefits and advantages of slate at a fraction of the price.

READYSLATE® is a slate roof tiles product that comes in a modular form for easy installation.

Each READYSLATE® module consists of six 300 x 200mm hand quarried, natural slate tiles. Installation is so easy that even an experienced DIYer can do it.

Readyslate® Tiles

READYSLATE® features premium quality slate that comes from a quarry in Spain. Each tile is split by hand ensuring that every tile has its own individual character.

Designed for Australian conditions, the slate modules feature an additional 2.5mm thick waterproof bituminous membrane to ensure exceptional waterproofing.

READYSLATE® offers a really cost-effective way to get a new slate roof without the need for master roof tilers and slow, lengthy installation times.

READYSLATE® is an environmentally-friendly product that produces lower emissions than most other roofing materials. And it’s cut by hand so no chemicals are used.


Various types of composite tiles have been on the market for some years now with varying records of success.

In the past, some of these composite tiles have performed poorly and been withdrawn from the market but with modern technology and improved manufacturing processes composite tiles performance has vastly improved.

Composite tiles, as the name suggests, are typically a mix of a range of materials.

Composite slate tiles might include different combinations of:

  • Recycled slate waste
  • Synthetic or natural fibres
  • Cement or fibre cement
  • Recycled plastic

Composite tiles can be made to look, from a distance, like slate but the difference is usually pretty obvious up close. Composite tiles will usually be highly uniform and regular in size.

Composite tiles can be painted and so your colour choices are greater than for real slate.

Composite tiles may have a reduced environmental impact compared with other roofing materials but it will depend on a range of factors including distance from the country of manufacture, the material content and environmental cost of recycling those materials.

You’ll also want to factor in the environmental cost of their shorter lifespan compared with natural roofing slate.

Imitation Slate Roof Tiles


Imitation slate tiles are essentially the same as composite tiles. Imitation slate tiles can be made to resemble real slate but the quality of finish varies widely across the range of available products.

Some imitation slate products, particularly the recycled plastic types, do a great job of resembling the random appearance of genuine slate roofs but be aware that Australia’s harsh U.V exposure tends to be very hard on most plastics and so colour changes and fading are highly likely.


Slate roofs provide a truly durable and classically beautiful roofing material for any premium quality roofing project.


New slate roofs consisting of individual Spanish slate or Welsh slate tiles will be incredibly expensive, not only to purchase, but the installation costs and difficulties in finding master roof tilers qualified to install your roofing slate will be prohibitive for the average roofing project.

READYSLATE® provides a genuine natural roofing slate product that provides all the exceptional aesthetic and performance qualities and benefits of real slate at a truly cost-effective price.

READYSLATE® is lighter than traditional slate and so transport costs are lower too.

Talk to us today; you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how affordable a READYSLATE® tile roof can be.


Being a natural stone product, slate tiles such as READYSLATE® can last for many decades under typical Australian conditions.

Slate has a superior ability to cope with severe freeze/ thaw cycles and other weather extremes and, as it’s not subject to corrosion, will outlast roofing products such as metal roofing.

Slate does not suffer U.V degradation like other roofing materials do and will not fade or lose its rich colour or patina or require recoating.


No 1. Roofing and Building Supplies is the exclusive supplier of READYSLATE® genuine slate roofing.

You can purchase READYSLATE® directly from any of our Sydney and regional branches:

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READYSLATE® is also available from our online store. We promise rapid order processing and delivery times throughout Australia.


The innovative design of READYSLATE® tiles means they’re easy to repair. If a READYSLATE® tile is cracked or broken you can replace the damaged tile using the following technique:

  • Cut the damaged tile with a circular saw or grinder
  • Insert wooden wedges either side of the broken tile
  • Cut the membrane with a cutter & remove broken tile
  • Insert new tile but do not remove adhesive protective film yet
  • Once tile is below the upper row remove protective film
  • Snap tile into place, remove wedges & apply firm pressure

Even when damaged, READYSLATE® tiles maintain a highly effective waterproofing barrier thanks to the bituminous membrane.


Are slate tiles better than other types of tiles? That depends a little on how you quantify better. Slate tiles are the ultimate roofing material choice if you’re looking for:

  • Prestigious, elegant appearance
  • Superior levels of durability
  • Iconic or Heritage aesthetics
  • U.V stability & cracking resistance
  • Outstanding thermal performance

READYSLATE® outperforms other tile types, including clay tiles, asphalt shingles, fibre cement tiles in so many ways.

And, as a natural stone product, READYSLATE® uses less power, produces fewer CO2 emissions compared with artificial roofing materials such as asphalt roof shingles and uses no chemicals in the manufacturing process so it’s better for the environment too.

Readyslate® vs Tile Roofs

READYSLATE® delivers the superior performance of traditional slate roofing tiles but with exceptionally fast and easy installation.

You can install READYSLATE® tiles in a fraction of the time that it takes to install other tile types.

That’s thanks to the lightweight modular design and the unique 4 step installation process.

You won’t need any specialised machinery nor will you need pointing or other skilled labour-intensive installation techniques.

In fact, even experienced DIYers can easily achieve exceptional weathertight installation with READYSLATE®.

Genuine slate will also tend to add significantly higher value to your home than other roofing tiles thanks to its superior appearance and performance.


READYSLATE® is available exclusively through No1 Roofing & Building Supplies and No1 Architectural Panel Systems. It’s ideal for roofing throughout Australia including:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • ACT
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide

Finally, you can enjoy the glamorous prestige, superior performance, durability, and enhanced value of roofing slate with READYSLATE®.

READYSLATE® is available only at No1 Roofing & Building Supplies.

Talk to us today about how natural slate can add real value to your home. READYSLATE® is the perfect choice for your new roof.