It goes without saying; your roof is going to take a real hammering from our tough climate no matter where you live in Australia.

Metal roofs, terracotta or concrete tiles all suffer from degradation and aging thanks to intense UV exposure, salt-laden winds, drenching downpours and corrosive pollution.

If you're the owner of your house you'll know that your roof is perhaps the most important part of your house. So it makes sense to protect it, keep it well maintained and looking great.

Roof paints or roof coatings offer the very best protection whatever the roof type. The right kind of roofing paint will add many years to the life of any roof and will increase your property’s value and maintain the like-new appearance of your roof.

Whether you want to enhance your roof’s durability and water resistance, increase heat reflective thermal performance or simply want to change your roof colour you’ll need to check out this ultimate guide to choosing the best roofing paint for your needs.


When it comes to choosing the best roof paint for your roof the first question you need to ask is...

What type of roof do you want to paint?

Metal roofs, terracotta or concrete tiles all require specific roof coatings that are designed for those applications. You may also need to clean and seal the roof prior to painting.

The correct primer will both seal and protect against corrosion on metal roofs and will fill and seal pitted concrete tile roofs as well as provide a suitable surface for effective topcoat adhesion.

You need to get this step right if you want your roof restoration to perform as expected.

What Is The Best Paint For Your Roof?

The second question is why are you painting your roof?

Are you painting your roof to protect against corrosion and premature colour fading, eliminate algae and mould growth or dirt retention or to improve the heat reflective value of your roof so you stay cool inside during the hot summers?

Modern roofing paint is specifically formulated to achieve outstanding results for each specific application so it really pays to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

We supply a range of Australia’s best roof coatings suitable for:

  • All metal roof types
  • Concrete  & Terracotta tiles
  • Drinking water collection
  • Mould and dirt resistance
  • Anti-corrosion performance
  • Sealing porous concrete tiles
  • Enhanced thermal performance
  • Asbestos roofs - coating

This guide will help you determine which is the right paint for your needs but if you’re still unsure the friendly experts at No1 Roofing & Building Supplies can give you the advice you need.

We offer a complete roof paint coating system.


Roofing paint offers a range of benefits that heavily outweigh any roof painting cost. In fact, roof paints are the most cost-effective way of improving your roof’s appearance and extending its lifespan. Roofbond by Shieldcoat roof paint offers a complete coating system of high-quality roof coatings for any type of roof.



Roof painting can do the following:

  • Add years of durability
  • Enhance thermal efficiency
  • Increase property value
  • Provide clean, safe drinking water
  • Eliminate mould & lichen growth
  • Offer a huge choice of colours

Why Is Roof Painting A Good Idea?

The Roofbond by Shieldcoat roof paint range offers a choice of some 65 colours including the Colorbond® range and a wide selection of reds, terracottas, whites and neutrals.

So whether you’re recladding the walls of your house or simply looking for a new colour scheme, roofing paint offers the perfect solution.


When you use the right high quality paint for the job combined with accepted application techniques on top of adequate surface preparation you can expect roof paint to last for 15 years and more.

If you neglect the surface preparation your paint performance will never last as long no matter how good the paint is.

Drying times and conditions also play a big role in how well your paint will perform. This is especially important given the highly variable weather conditions that can occur throughout Australia.

It’s critically important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions around preparation, temperature and drying times for all paint types.

The Roofbond by Shieldcoat range of roof coatings come with a 10 year to 15 year warranty. Shieldcoat products also come with a warranty against significant loss of gloss or colour.

Colour fade is an important part of the equation when choosing the best roofing paint for your setting.

Please remember that correct product choice, surface preparation, and coating application all have a significant impact of any roof paint performance and will affect the overall roof painting cost.

Many paint types are suitable for use by DIY roof painters but some coating types will require experienced professionals to achieve an acceptable paint finish.


We believe that the Roofbond by Shieldcoat range of roof paint is simply one of the best in Australia.

More than 21 years of experience and an intensive ongoing research and development programme give Roofbond by Shieldcoat roof paints a leading edge over its competitors.

In fact, Shieldcoat commits 20% of its annual income to researching improvements in paint formulation, durability and environmental impacts.

Shieldcoat is proudly Australian made and now has an established international reputation.

Shieldcoat is so confident about the performance of its Shieldcoat roofing paints and roof coatings that they’re backed up with an industry-leading 10 to 15 year warranty.

And Shieldcoat was the first paint company in Australia to offer a warranty against colour and gloss fade.

Shieldcoat is highly committed to reducing its impact on the environment and its roof paints were one of the first to meet the ISO 14001 standard for environmental impact.

All Shieldcoat coatings also meet ISO 2000 2008. The 100% acrylic coatings and paints can be washed out in water to minimise your impact on the environment.

The high quality Shieldcoat range includes metal roof paint, roof tile paint, heat reflective paint, as well as undercoats and sealers. Nutech and Dulux are also highly reputable paints that can enhance your roof.


The best metal roof paint for all round use is probably Roofbond Roof Membrane by Shieldcoat.


Roofbond Roof Membrane is a premium quality roof paint for all substrates including metal roofs. I

t’s designed to thrive in the harshest of Australian conditions including searing heat, tropical downpours, and bitter winter cold as well as cope with corrosive coastal conditions and severe city pollution.

Roofbond Membrane Roofing Paint by Sheildcoat

Roofbond Roof Membrane is available in 35 standard colours as well as custom colours by request. Roof Membrane is available in 15L pails.


RustShield W is ideal for priming all metal roof surfaces including Colorbond and Zincalume where rust is an issue.

It forms a rust-inhibiting seal and quickly dries to enable rapid top coating (within 2 to 6 hours). RustShield W washes out in water for an easy environmentally friendly clean-up.

Rustshield W 15LT


Shieldseal W Plus is a high quality water-based clear sealer and primer for all metal surfaces including zinc, aluminium coated and Colorbond metal roofs.

Its powerful penetrating action also means it’s perfect for sealing asbestos and fibre cement roofing materials.

If you notice that your Colorbond roof has faded or gone chalky white then you’ll need to apply Shieldseal W Plus before you add your top coat. Shieldseal W Plus dries rapidly and you’ll be able to topcoat in 2 to 4 hours.

Shieldseal W Plus washes up easily in water for minimal environmental impact.

Shieldseal W Plus


The best paint for concrete tile roofs is Roofbond Roof Membrane by Shieldcoat.


Roofbond Membrane is a 100% acrylic premium quality roof tile paint for all substrates including concrete tiles, masonry surfaces, and fibro cement board.

It’s designed to thrive in the harshest of Australian conditions including searing heat, tropical downpours, and bitter winter cold as well as cope with corrosive coastal conditions and severe city pollution.

Roofbond Roof Membrane is available in 35 standard colours as well as custom colours by request.


Shieldseal CT401 is a premium primer/sealer designed for cement tile roofs and prevents calcium salts from forming on the surface.

The special formulation delivers in-depth penetration for long-lasting top-coat adhesion. The acrylic emulsion coating incorporates a mould inhibitor as well as anti colour-fade technology.

The high ration of resin solids delivers exceptional filling capabilities for a better finish.

Shieldseal CT401 15L


Fillabond is a pure acrylic filler designed to seal and fill weathered or pitted areas on porous concrete tiles.

It’s flexible to cope with temperature variations for extended durability and to protect against cracking and peeling. It delivers good adhesion, dries quickly and is easy to apply.

Fillabond 15LT


The best general-purpose roof tile paint for terracotta roof tiles is Roofbond Roof Membrane by Shieldcoat.


Roofbond Roof Membrane is a 100% acrylic premium quality roof paint for all substrates including terracotta tile roofs.

It’s designed to thrive in the harshest of Australian conditions including searing heat, tropical downpours, and bitter winter cold as well as cope with corrosive coastal conditions and severe city pollution.

Roofbond Roof Membrane is available in 35 standard colours as well as custom colours by request. Roofbond Roof Membrane is also suitable for surfaces for collecting drinking water.


Shieldseal W is a clear acrylic polymer coating that acts as a sealer for terracotta tile roofs. Sheildseal W provides an excellent surface for topcoat adhesion.

Simple application and rapid wash-up in water makes life simple for DIYers and professional roof painters.

Other essential Shieldcoat products

The Shieldcoat range includes a number of other high quality roof coating products that are designed to enhance roof coating performance and extend durability.


MouldShield C is an all-purpose heavy-duty mould killer and cleaner that also removes oil and grease and acts as an etch primer to ensure rock solid adhesion for topcoats.

MouldShield C is safe to use, biodegradable and washes out in water.Mouldshield C 15LT

Mouldshield C is available in 15L pails.


Nanoprotect SC-96 is an ultra premium clear topcoat suitable for all roof materials.

It delivers superior UV protection and colour-fade resistance—ideal for weather conditions in Australia. Nanoprotect SC-96 also provides additional protection against dirt and pollution.

Nanoprotect SC-96 is available in 15L pails.Nanoprotect SC96 15L


Thermobond HRC is an ultra premium water-based acrylic with enhanced levels of resin solids designed to form a highly heat reflective surface for all types of roof materials.

Thermobond works by forming a hardy barrier that prevents the sun’s heat from penetrating through your roof and into the interior of your home.

The result: a refreshingly cool home and reduced cooling costs in summer as well as enhanced durability and protection against the damaging effects of pollution and dirt build-up on your roof.

Thermobond HRC is available in 15L and 4L pails.Thermobond HRC 15L


No1 Roofing and Building supplies is your one stop paint supply and advice shop for all roof restoration projects. We’re happy to help you choose the right paint products for your particular needs.

And whether you are professional roof painters or DIYers we can help you keep your roof painting cost to a minimum for the optimum results.

The outstanding range of Shieldcoat ultra premium roofing paint is available through all of our New South Wales branches including:

  • Narrabeen
  • Mona Vale
  • Seven Hills
  • Prestons
  • Regents Park
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Central Coast
  • Caringbah
  • Mid North Coast

Additionally, No1 Roofing & Building Supplies is the sole distributor of Roofbond Membrane paint by Shieldcoat in Victoria with stock on hand on our warehouse.

You can also order all of these roof paint and roof restoration products from our roofing paint online store.