Fast Flash, the Lead-free, Self-adhesive roof flashing

Fast Flash - it’s the perfect lead-free, flexible, self adhesive flashing for covering those tricky roof applications.

Oh, and it’s designed to cut installation time in half too.

Made from aluminium stretch netting cast in flexible polymer rubber with a self-adhesive backing,

Fast Flash is one of the best of the new generation of environmentally friendly sealers.

Fast Flash is ideal for sealing around dormer windows, chimneys, roof valleys, ventilation caps, solar panels, skylights, and wall abutments.

Fast Flash can be used with almost any roofing materials including:

  • Metal roofs
  • Tiles
  • Polycarbonate
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Exposed brick
  • Rough concrete
  • Timber (polished & unpolished)

Fast Flash is ideal for sealing around dormer windows, chimneys, roof valleys, ventilation caps, solar panels, skylights, and wall abutments.

And its superior weather protection performance is guaranteed for twenty years.

Fast Flash is a superior quality product from DEKs and comes in 5m length rolls with a choice of three standard widths; 280mm, 370mm, 560mm.

It’s also BAL rated 19, which means it’s a great choice for use in bushfire zones.

Poor performance and the dreaded lead contamination issue have plagued roof flashings for years.

At last there is a fully flexible, completely lead-free flashing that is super fast and easy to install.

Save time and money with Fast Flash--the name says it all really.

Fast Flash also gives you some colour options; grey, brick red, dark grey and black.

Fast Flash also gives you some colour options; grey, brick red, and black.

Lead Free Flashing

Being totally lead-free means Fast Flash is great for you the installer, the environment and for the property owner.

The aluminium stretch netting is embedded in environmentally–friendly polymer rubber.

That also means it’s also incredibly tough.

These essentially inert materials will not react with water runoff or have any negative impact on the water quality.

In fact, Fast Flash meets the standard AS/NZS 4020 for safe collection of drinking water.

This gives you the confidence to install it even where safe rainwater harvesting from the roof is a key concern.

Fast Flash is extremely flexible, malleable, and stretchable

Flexible Roof Flashing

Fast Flash is extremely flexible, malleable, and stretchable.

You can easily shape it by hand, fold it around corners, or mould it to fit tightly to any roof profile.

No tools other than snips or a knife are needed but for best results a sand hammer or roller will be useful for shaping to fit roof profiles such as corrugated iron.

Fast Flash means no more hassle cutting or reshaping metal flashings.

Dealing with Fast Flash is so straightforward you’ll never look for another roof flashing product again.

Grey Fast Flash, Self-adhesive, flexible roof flashing

Self-adhesive Roof Flashing

Installation is simple. Start by placing the flashing on the vertical surface (wall or chimney).

The butyl adhesive backing is exposed when you remove the backing paper allowing you an easy ten minutes to reposition the flashing if necessary.

Pre-stretching the flashing material is not required (and will void the warranty).

When the flashing is in place you can remove the remainder of the backing paper and gently smooth the flashing to fit snugly against the roof.

Some simple angle cuts when shaping the flashing around corners will make for a really tight fit with minimal overlap gaps.

That’s it.

You can install Fast Flash in half the time it’d take you for metal or lead flashings.

Can roof flashing get any faster or easier than this?

A 25 x 1mm aluminium strip is recommended as additional seal protection on vertical brick or unpolished wood surfaces.

DEKS Fast Flash Products

Super Durable Roof Flashing

You need to know that you’re using a product that can be relied on when you’re installing any product.

It’s your reputation at stake not to mention the fact that an inferior product can cost you money and time as well.

Fast Flash is no flash in the pan product. It’s built to last. Fast Flash has demonstrated outstanding durability qualities in temperatures ranging from -41°C to + 90°C.

It can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and does not become brittle even in extreme sub-zero conditions.

Fast Flash displays no deterioration of surface quality under sustained extreme U.V exposure testing.

So even if you’ve been burnt to a crisp working on the roof all day you can rest assured that

Fast Flash will keep on protecting the roof for many years to come, it also meets or exceeds all the applicable AS/NZS 4347 requirements for Damp-proof Courses and Flashings.

Fast Flash: we believe it’s simply the best flexible, lead-free, self adhesive roof flashing on the Australian market today.