Readyslate® Slate Roof Tiles

READYSLATE® tile modules are lightweight and flexible yet still retain all the outstanding strength and resistance qualities that natural tectonic slate is famous for:

  • Durability—lasts for lifetimes
  • Thermal ability—heat absorption and release
  • High crack resistance
  • Modern appearance
  • Cheap compared to alternatives


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Slate roof tiles are known for their exceptional weather resistance, long life and beautiful looks. READYSLATE® is a slate roofing revolution that will be coming to Australia soon – you don’t have to break the bank anymore!

READYSLATE® promises an affordable, easy to install natural slate roof that will look good on any property. The world-leading preassembled modular system provides a strong and durable roof for your family or business.

Each READYSLATE® module sheet consists of 6 high-quality, hand-quarried natural slate tiles (3.5 mm thick), overlaid on a 2.5mm waterproof bituminous membrane that’s durable and long-lasting.

The modular design enables seamless integration with any existing roof elements and provides a simple solution for all types of roofs including ones pitched as low at 18 degrees.

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