KIX 300 VELUX ACTIVE Starter Kit


Smart sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and open or close your skylights accordingly.

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VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is the easy way to a healthier indoor climate.

Smart sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home and open or close your VELUX  electric and solar-powered VELUX products to create a healthier indoor climate.


  • Sensor-based ventilation: Smart sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and open or close your skylights accordingly.
  • Stay in control: Use the VELUX ACTIVE app to operate your VELUX skylights and blinds from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Easy installation: VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control can be installed  without any professional help.

Whats Included:

  • VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch – Tap the departure switch on your way out to close your VELUX skylights. It is recommended to install one departure switch for each exit from your home.
  • VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor – The indoor climate sensor continuously measures temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 levels) in the room. Use the switch on the sensor to open and close VELUX skylights.
  • VELUX ACTIVE Gateway – The gateway connects your VELUX  products, indoor climate sensor and departure switch. It also connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi router to enable operation of your VELUX  products from your smart phone.

Setting Up:

To install the starter kit, download the VELUX ACTIVE smartphone app, which will guide you through the four-step installation process. VELUX ACTIVE can be installed without any professional help.

  1. Plug in the gateway and download the app
  2. Pairing the sensor and departure switch with the gateway
  3. Detecting and adding VELUX skylights and blinds
  4. Assign names to the areas in your home (e.g. ‘my living room’)


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