Expression™ Interlocking Panel Architectural Panels

Expression™ is a contemporary wall cladding system installed with a ventilated air gap for external and internal applications. The panels are connected by an interlocking groove giving it an elegant appearance of a recessed joint.

  • Variety of shadow lines
  • Wide range of applications
  • Resistant to harsh conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Over 22 colours available


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Steel Expression™ Interlocking Panels offers a modern take on the traditional Australian weatherboard. With an enormous variety of shadow lines, panel reveal widths, and application possibilities it can be customised to fit any design ideas perfectly.

Interlocking grooved flange design with recessed joint allows for designers to play with vertical, horizontal and diagonal layouts in addition to variable length and lateral curving applications.

Standard panel widths include:

  • 200mm
  • 250mm
  • 300mm

Custom panel reveal widths are also available ranging from range from 185mm to 385mm. Standard panel lengths range from 0.5m up to 6m with 4m being the recommended.

Materials and sheet thicknesses include:

  • Colorbond – 0.55mm BMT COLORBOND® / COLORBOND® Ultra / COLORBOND® Metallic / COLORBOND® Matt and ZINCALUME® Steel
  • Copper – 0.7mm BMT Copper
  • Aluminium – 0.7mm BMT Aluminium
  • Corten – 0.55mm
  • Zinc – VM Zinc, Rhine Zinc, Jarden Zinc (1.0 mm BMT)

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