New COLORBOND® Steel Colour Range for 2022



As you may know, Colorbond®, the iconic Australian steel manufacturer, has announced the addition of four new colours to its already extensive palette.

As a proud partner of BlueScope®, No1 Roofing sees this is an exciting evolution for our business and customers.

These changes will provide an even greater choice for our customers, and we’re looking forward to working with BlueScope® to bring these new colours to our customers.

In summary, the key changes announced by BlueScope® are:


  • Standard COLORBOND® steel colour palette - the new colours are Dover White™, Southerly® and Bluegum®.
  • COLORBOND® steel Matt colour palette - Bluegum® has also been added.
  • COLORBOND® steel Ultra steel colour palette - Shale Grey™ has been added.


  • Standard COLORBOND® steel colour palette - Cove®, Mangrove® and Terrain® have been retired and will be moved to the secondary colour palette offer.

The new colours - Dover White, Southerly®, Bluegum®, and Wollemi® - are inspired by the Australian landscape and will help to create a more diverse range of looks for homes and businesses.

Making sure your home looks its best is important, and with the release of these new colours to the Colorbond® colour palette, you can be sure that your home will be looking its best

So let’s take a look at these new colours from Colorbond® Steel company, shall we ?

Dover White™

Dover White - New Colorbond Colour 23rd August 2022

Dover White is a neutrality colour that can bring a fresh direction to any colour scheme. Its bright white tone can help to unify a tonal scheme or provide contrast to darker colours.

This colour will coordinate brilliantly with existing window manufacturer's colours, floor tiles, and powder coated finishes.

It's simple but exciting addition that is fresh, cool, bright, and endlessly compatible.

Dover White is an important extension to the Colorbond® steel palette and offers inspiration from Australia's chalky sands, glistening ghost gun bark, or pristine alpine snow.

With so many versatile applications, Dover White is sure to become a popular favourite among designers and homeowners alike.

See more Dover White™ colour palettes.


Southerly - New Colorbond Colour 23rd August 2022


Southerly® is a light grey that mimics the neutrality of concrete and provides abundant possibilities in both residential and commercial designs.

It can complement concrete and light renders while also contrasting with dark steel work to offer both functionality and elegance.

Southerly® can be used to enhance concrete and pale timbers while contrasting with rich coloured brick.

When used in roofing, walling and garage doors, Southerly® offers both elegance and functionality.

We believe that the new colour will be a welcomed addition to the palette due to its versatility and ability to create inviting and stylish spaces.

See more Southerly®  colour palettes.



Bluegum® is a relaxed grey with a calming mid-tone working comfortably in rural coastal and urban settings.

The balanced nature of Bluegum® gives it immediate versatility and style coordinating easily with dark timbers honed stone finishes and grey paving.

We think it will be used strikingly an ultra-modern style homes and as a contemporary edition to the muted tones of native flora, that's why Bluegum® will also be added to the Colorbond® Matt collection and fencing colours.

Bluegum® is blue grey that’s indicative of cool horizons, morning mists, and the shades of mountain gums.

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Wollemi® is a new Colorbond® fencing colour that is truly unique.

It captures the essence of remote forests and deep valleys, evoking a feeling of natural wonder.

Wollemi® is a rich green with just a hint of blue, creating a sophisticated tone that is both nurturing and bold.

Whether you're looking for bold contrast or a more subtle effect, Wollemi® is an ideal choice for a range of fencing styles in both traditional and contemporary homes.

In suburban and metropolitan areas, Wollemi® can provide a bold contrast or blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

We expect to see Wollemi® used as a dramatic backdrop to lush landscaping or in more regional and rural locations where it will soften into the surrounding bushland.

No matter where it's used, Wollemi® is sure to make a statement.

Colorbond® has long been a favourite choice for roofing and cladding, thanks to its durability and stylish good looks, and these new are sure to be popular with homeowners and builders alike.

These new colours include a range of different shades, from light to dark, and there's sure to be a colour to suit everyone's taste.

New Colours Are Now Available

No1 Roofing is excited to announce these new Colorbond® colours that are available to order from the 28th of August!

The existing colours Cove®, Mangrove®, and Terrain® will be phased out in favour of three new stunning colours.

2022 COLORBOND®stelle colour refresh

No1 Roofing will be working hard to ensure a smooth transition for its customers now that the new colour palette has arrived.

We have started this process by communicating directly and updating our website on the Colorbond Colours page, which can be found here:

  • As colours are phased out of the standard range, we're encouraging customers to speak with their Account Manager or contact the No1 Roofing sales team about any stock implications.
  • We'll be working closely with customers to identify upcoming projects' requirements for the colours phased out of our standard range.
  • With the transition to the new COLORBOND® steel colour range, there are some colours that are now phased out of our standard range of manufactured items. These items will be available whilst material stock is available and depending on demand, No1 Roofing may make available as secondary colours once the transition has completed.
  • In conjunction with BlueScope, we are providing our customers high-quality COLORBOND® steel color boards and swatches in all our stores.
  • In anticipation of these changes taking place across our entire range, we've been updating marketing communications to reflect the latest colours and styles.

We are confident that you will love the new colours as much as we do!

Thank you for your continued support, and if these changes raise any questions, don't worry - we're here to help.

If you have any questions, just contact us for more details on 02 9970 8359 or call into you're closest No1 Roofing store.