UrbanE™ Nail Strip - Renovate or Rebuild

URBANE™ Nail Strip Renovate or Rebuild

Take a regular suburban street in Sydney and make a transformation that sets your home apart from the rest!

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UrbanE™ Nail Strip Transformation

Surrounded by standardised and weathered face brick wall houses, this project set in the Suburban wonderland of Russel Lea, has used No1 UrbanE™ Nail Strip to create a statement.

There is no disputing that the high end finish Architectural Panels have shaped this architecturally designed home into a feature, transforming an aged property into the jewel of the street.

Combining the strength and popularity of Colorbond® Monument® with contrasting solid brick highlighted in white with complimenting vertical lines in the facade has made this design eye-catching from every angle.

The first floor resembles a floating dark box that has sunk into the white brick base underneath, with natural looking timber doors and white front porch integrating both solids.

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Project set in the Suburban wonderland of Russel Lea

Squaring up the house design

By squaring up the house design, the owners have increased the livable space and maximise the room sizes.

Having a versatile Architectural Panel for your cladding gives you the freedom to express yourself and make a statement whilst appreciating the benefits of a high-quality long term cladding solution in a modern comfortable home.

Available with options of 25mm and 38mm ribs, UrbanE™ Nail Strip was installed in the 38 x 265mm module and with this narrow pan size it invites the passerbyers to look up to the skies as they approach the house.

UrbanE™ can be manufactured in a range of pan widths, and options for vertical, horizontal or diagonal laying, allowing for complete control over your creative vision.

Its clip free concealed fix installation makes it a dream to work with.

One of the main reasons for the selection of systems on this project is the cost-effective installation that adds an inspired stylish touch to any residential project. UrbanE™ Nail Strip is all about elegant simplicity, clear-cut definition, and industry leading durability provided by the painted steel material base.

The long straight lines formed by the concealed fixed ribs lay proud alongside the wide flat pans accentuated by shadow lines to compliment the vertical lines formed by the architectural design of this home.

By having UrbanE™ Nail Strip in Colorbond® Monument the wall cladding forms a series of continuous flowing thick bands neatly framed by thin ribs. This has created an inspired touch to a standout home, as if to complement and solidify a strong architectural intent.

The completed project is quite beautiful, the design and choice of metal cladding colour and the UrbanE™ Nailstrip profile used for the façade set amongst the owner's manicured garden providing an absolutely stunning setting - certainly one that you will notice when driving down this street.

Cost effective installation

Making an impact

Whilst some might want to blend in with their projects, the Russel Lea residence decided for the opposite: Making an impact. It is there to be seen, and talked about.

It is bold, modern and contrasting and considering the durability of Colorbond® steel, with virtually maintenance free UrbanE™ Nail Strip cladding, this building will be there to be appreciated for generations to come.

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All roof, architectural panels, and wall cladding types manufactured by No.1 Roofing & Building Supplies are tested and fully certified to the new AS 1562.1:2018 standard.

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Installed by Steve and his team at Best Metal Roofing