Roof ladder brackets are a great way to keep your extension ladder secure.

It's important to know the risks of climbing on a roof without using a ladder bracket.

The main risk is that the ladder may move when being climbed and slip out of the ladder bracket when stepping onto the roof if not secured properly.

Installing a roof ladder bracket will provide stability to your extension ladder rung so you can climb up safely!


The Lacket is a revolutionary new ladder safety product that prevents extension ladders from slipping sideways or falling backwards vertically.

The patented, award-winning design uses a unique wedging effect to lock the ladder firmly into place and has proven resistant even against extreme conditions during extensive testing.

With its adjustable features, it’s also easy for you to secure an extension ladder before stepping onto it with just one motion—no more worrying about whether your feet are on solid ground!

Lacket Safety Ladder Bracket

It can be installed on both metal and tile roofs, in any location you may need a ladder - it doesn't matter!

What's more, installing this bracket won't interfere with other parts of the house or outdoor space because there are no holes drilled, they simply fix to your ladder.

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The Lacket is an innovative device that stops ladders from sliding horizontally, vertically, or falling backwards.

It uses a patented design of wedging force to secure your ladder in place and it can be used on most types of ladders.


The Lacket is a handy tool for any tradie that has to work on high ladders.

It is also a very handy tool to have in the workshop for the avid home owner that maintains their own home and is genuine about height safety.

This simple device attaches quickly and securely in seconds, without the user needing to step foot onto an extension ladder before securing it.

The fast-acting design of this accessory will complement fibreglass extension ladders with ease so you can focus your time doing what matters: safe working around electricity!


The Lacket is the safest way to securely attach a ladder to any surface.

It provides much more stability than metal brackets, and can withstand even the most extreme sideways and backwards forces without coming undone or detaching from your wall!

Lacket Safety Ladder Brackets

The Lacket will never let you down when it comes time for ladders!

The strongest attachment on earth just got stronger - with an extra layer of security that ensures your safety while climbing up high.


The revolutionary new ladder attachment designed to meet Australian safety standards that can fit any of the most common ladders.

This device attaches easily and securely without damaging your roof, and folds conveniently away within the ladder rungs when you're storing or transporting it.

With all these impressive features in mind, it's no surprise this accessory is quickly becoming one of the most trusted and reliable tools for tradies.


The Lacket is a smart way to keep your ladder secure in the space you need it and safe for transport.

You don't have to worry about whether or not it's being used, because no matter what, The Lacket will be there ready when you are!

The new design of The Lacket means that it can remain attached to your ladder even if it’s not currently needed.

This eliminates any potential hassle from having an extra attachment lying around- just fold away when done with installation or storage!


SafeWork NSW has thrown their support behind The Lacket, an innovative means of securing a ladder on the job site.

As long as you are using it correctly and according to Safe Work guidelines in New South Wales, your work is officially safe!

The Lacket, the ultimate ladder safety bracket, is now available for purchase.

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The Lacket Stabiliser Bar has been designed to add versatility to the Lacket, it does not replace the need for a traditional stabilizer bar, but enhances it.

The unique design of this accessory makes your ladder more versatile so that you can use it on any surface whether or not there is an overhang in place to firmly secure your ladder into position!

The addition of the Stabiliser Bar to your Ladder Lacket allows you to firmly and safely rest against a flat wall.

Alternatively, the stabilizer bar can hook over onto a roof for support.


The A-Stand Attachment has been designed in conjunction with Australian energy suppliers to convert an extension ladder into a stable and more reliable form of scaffolding known as the A-frame.

This innovative product will reduce the need for costly and bulky materials, saving time and money on site as well as reducing labour costs whilst providing increased stability and safety for your work site.