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The No1 Roofing Team

Featured Project SNAP-LINE 45® - Cadence and Co & No1 Roofing

Prestigious Award For Residential Build & Snap-Line45®

Congratulations to Cadence & Co - winner of Inspired Designs Promotion.

Cadence & Co chose Snap-Line45® steel roofing for its competition winning design for the Charlotte Park residential / acreage property.

Cadence & Co designed a bespoke large residential home in keeping with the rolling hillside acreage site in Terrey Hills, NSW . .

February & March 2023 Price Changes

1st February:

  •  Roofing Screws & Rivets
    •    Insulation
    •    Ventilators
    •    Roof Safety Mesh

1st March:

  •  Velux & Keylite Skylights & Accessories

2023 Colour Trends & How They Benefit Your Project

COLORBOND®, the iconic Australian steel manufacturer, continues to invigorate home-owners and builders alike with their recently released colour range, adding to their already extensive options.

These four new colours are highly versatile and each would make a huge impact on the look and feel of your client’s home or business.


The strongest and most versatile Architectural Panel on the market!

Available in many options of materials, for both roofing & cladding.

Whether your roof goes down to 1 degree pitch or you are looking to create a statement of juxtaposed shadow lines, Snap-line45® is the profile for your project.

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