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Fall protection is a critical aspect of worker safety that affects all Australian industries.


Working from heights legislation takes a dim view of any employer who doesn’t use the mandatory fall protection equipment when staff are exposed to potential falls of two metres or more.

There is an average of 7000 cases of serious injury claims from falls each year in Australia.  The average lost time resulting from these falls is 7.2 weeks. This is why No1. Roofing and Building Supplies takes fall protection seriously.

We’re proud to offer the extensive range of SafetyLink fall protection products.

TileLink Roof Anchor


Nobody anticipates falling from heights while on the job.

Falls usually take place with no warning and that makes predicting the direction of fall a little uncertain. SafetyLink anchors are designed and tested to reduce the impact of falls in multiple directions.

SafetyLink anchors incorporate an innovative system for absorbing the dynamic and complex forces of a potentially high impact fall.

This reduces the likelihood of worker injury as well as any damage to the roof structure.

We supply a wide range of the tried and tested SafetyLink roof anchors to suit all residential and commercial working at heights protection requirements.

No1 Roofing & Building Supplies
SafetyLink Fall Protection Equipment


SafetyLink offer a range of low profile, rapid install anchors for attaching to the surface of metal roof profiles.

SafetyLink anchors boast high grade stainless steel construction and deliver real durability. The innovative design offers real assurance in the case of falls in any direction.

The sleek styling is ideal for residential and commercial settings where there is a priority on maintaining the aesthetic of the roof design.

The ability to absorb high energy loads reduces the impact on the roof structure as well as the worker in the event of a fall.

This means that building owners can feel assured that SafetyLink anchors are keen to protect their assets as well as the safety of all workers.


The FrogLink is a surface mount anchor for steel roofs where access is difficult or exposed.

Installation is a simple and rapid process; a single line of seven x 8mm aluminium rivets fix the anchor firmly to the steel cladding.

The FrogLink anchor is designed to protect against sustained fall impacts up to 15kN in any direction. The FrogLink anchor is a fall arrest anchor and is not designed for use as an abseil point.

An engineer should assess the structural strength before use except where it’s clear that the structure is adequate to withstand the forces of a significant fall.

SafetyLink FrogLink


TileLink is a cleverly designed anchor for providing fall protection on tile roofs.

The TileLink anchor attaches to the timber rafters using 5 x 12 gauge, 50mm Hex head screws on alternating fixing points. This allows easy installation on a range of tile roof profiles.

The anchor mounting block slots neatly underneath tiles and provides up to 15kN of multidirectional (360 °) fall protection for a single person. There is no need for cutting into the sarking thus eliminating any waterproofing issues.

The 30mm eyelet that extends outside the tile is almost invisible and will not spoil the aesthetics or flow of the roof design.

As with all SafetyLink fall protection devices, the TileLink anchor has been extensively tested to meet ASNZ standards. The FrogLink anchor is designed for fall protection for a single person, not as an abseil point.

SafetyLink TileLink


RetroLink anchors are designed for as a permanent abseil anchor and fall protection system for steel roofs supported by steel purlins.

Installation is simple and does not require access from underneath the roof.


The RetroLink eyebolt is suitable for installing on metal roofs supported by C or Z purlins and is tested and certified to provide fall protection for a single person at loads of up to 15kN in multiple directions.

Installation requires no special tools and simply involves drilling a single 25mm hole through the roof sheeting and the purlin.

It’s perfect for installation into concealed or difficult to reach areas. The purlin must be a minimum of 1.2 mm gauge.

The RetroLink is made from durable 316 stainless steel and the eyebolt’s innovative design allows it to flex like a fishing rod and absorb high impact loading.

The waterproof washer and O-ring prevent any potential weathertightness issues.

SafetyLink RetroLink


The TempLink 5000 temporary roof anchor is a multi-directional fall device that absorbs energy to prevent further injuries in sticky situations.

SafetyLink's patented multi-directional temporary roof anchor saves lives in a variety of settings making it a must-have for roof workers.

The anchor’s patented energy-absorbing feature gives you the ability to work in multiple directions while working on a range of different roof types.

SafetyLink TempLink 5000

Safetylink Templink 5000


SafetyLink’s concrete-mounted anchors are designed for serious fall protection.

Installation involves drilling a 28mm hole to a 100mm depth and chemically anchoring the bolt in place. You must have the installation tested to meet the current standard’s requirements.

You can purchase the ConcreteLink as a standard fall anchor, which will safely absorb the energy of a single person falling or as an abseiling anchor.

In the standard version, the 316 stainless steel eyebolt features a tapered designed to transfer impact forces smoothly and minimise the load on the attachment and the falling person. It is designed as a fall protection only anchor.

ConcreteLink is also available in an abseiling eyebolt version. It features a shorter stem to absorb a live load in the event of a serious fall but it won’t flex under the lighter loads of abseiling.

SafetyLink Concrete Mounted

Tools for fixing height safety equipment



We also have a range of essential tools that are suitable for installing SafetyLink’s surface-mounted anchors.


Perfect for accurate insertion of 8mm bulbtite rivets everytime.


  • Drill size 7.8-8.2mm
  • Length 27.7mm
  • Grip Range 1.0-9.5mm

Technical Data:

  • Stroke: 10mm
  • Length: 577mm

SafetyLink Rivet Tools


Hand tool used to fix rivets to SafetyLink surface mounted roof anchors.

  • Ideal for installing height safety anchor points.
  • Designed for 8mm bulbtite/tri-fold rivets.
  • 3 piece jaws made of CR-Mo steel provides long lasting tool life.
  • Reliable, lightweight, simple operation with low maintenance.
  • Regularly empty collection container and clear swarf deposits from nose piece.

Designed for 8mm bulbtite/tri-fold rivets. Ideal for installing SafetyLink's surface mounted roof anchors.

SafetyLink Rivet Tools


SafetyLink’s horizontal lifelines make traversing large exposed roof areas simple, easy, and safe.

Clever design features such as the quick connect shuttle eliminate the need to detach from the lifeline at corners or intermediate anchor points.

Solid 316 stainless steel components and high-tech shock absorbing serpentine ensure long life durability as well as exceptional fall energy absorption.

SafetyLink offer a comprehensive range of shuttles, and fittings for use with all SafetyLink lifeline systems.

Features include sturdy stainless steel construction, compact design for easy installation and a built in tension indicator.

Products include:

  • End, corner and intermediate assemblies
  • Terminals and cable connectors
  • Lifeline shuttles for horizontal, overhead and vertical use

SafetyLink Surface Mount

Surface Mounted Lifeline

SafetyLink Standing Seam

Classic Lifeline can be used on Standing Seam

SafetyLink Concrete Mount

SafetyLink Surface Mount

SafetyLink FrogLine Shuttle

Horizontal Shuttle


Providing safe entry point access to elevated work sites is just as critical as fall protection while on the roof.

SafetyLink offer a range of entry point fall protection products to ensure your workers stay safe on the job.


The Fixed LadderLink secures your ladder preventing any ladder instability, including sideways movement.

Two convenient tie-off points provide additional ladder security.

The LadderLink bracket can be installed under or on top off roof sheets and is easy and quick to install. The clever design protects guttering and roof edges as well.

SafetyLink Ladder Link


The ladder restraint webbing strap with convenient tension adjustment provides additional security for your ladder.

It’s designed for use with the Fixed LadderLink bracket and slots neatly underneath the bracket to eliminate any tripping hazards.

SafetyLink Ladder Strap


Certification labels provide essential information about the safety of roof access. Made from rugged polyethylene, these labels won’t fade prematurely.

SafetyLink Certification Label

Certification Label


The label records installer information, safe use and inspection details. The labels measure 300mm x 120mm x 1mm.

SafetyLink Compliance Sign


No1 Roofing in partnership with SafetyLink’s design and planning team are here to help work out the positioning of your fall protection system.

Ensuring all areas of your roof are accessed safely.

Things to consider when planning your roof layout:

  • Are all areas of your roof protected, allowing complete access when working at heights?
  • Are you protected from the ground up, allowing complete access to your roof?
  • Detailed comprehensive documentation provided e.g. installation guides, testing results, product sheets should be provided.
  • No1 Roofing can also provide you with a qualified and reputable installer of SafetyLink products.

Contact our team at sales@no1roofing.com.au for more information.


Free Design & Planning for Safety Height Equipment with No1 Roofing



SafetyLink have more than 100 year’s collective experience working in the height safety industry.

SafetyLink is an Australian company that since 1998 has been designing innovative safety products for working at heights.

It was SafetyLink who pioneered the first dynamic energy absorbing anchor and the company is recognised as a global leader in the design and manufacture of fall protection and height safety equipment.

SafetyLink tests all its anchor points, lifelines, and ladder systems extensively in independent accredited test laboratories.

SafetyLink products meet the following standards:

  • European Standards EN795, CEN/TS16415
  • Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.4, 5532
  • USA Standards OSHA/ANSI 1926.502, Z359.7.

Meeting the AS NZS 5532 standard demonstrates that all SafetyLink anchors meet the required loading levels.

SafetyLink anchors will absorb and hold a force of 15kN or the impact of 100kg dropped from two metres.

You can check out the detailed testing results and product sheets on the SafetyLink website as well as their comprehensive training and installation guides.

The friendly staff at No1. Roofing and Building supplies are trained in the correct installation and use of all SafetyLink devices.