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Barrengarry Project – Long Roof Sheets, Hard Access - Snap-Line45® ‘Roll On Site’ Solution

Snap-Line45® is an architecturally inspired metal roof and wall cladding suitable for residential and commercial applications.

And now our new Snap-Line45® roll onsite machine gives you even more flexibility in your design and engineering approach.

March & April 2023 Price Changes

1st March:

  • Velux & Keylite Skylights & Accessories

3rd April:

  • Stramit:
    • Astragals, Stop Ends, Barge Corners, Nozzles, ½ Round Gutter Accessories, Triline Gutter Accessories, S Pattern Gutter Accessories
  • Bricks & Cement

How proper roof ventilaltion works

Understanding Passive Ventilation

A lack of ventilation creates a series of highly problematic building issues, the most significant being:

  • Condensation inside roofs and walls buildup resulting in damp bearers and joists - leads to rot and then makes the structure unsound.
  • Mould issues - a health hazard and major problem in Australia’s climate.
  • A build-up of carbon dioxide - can lead to headaches, lethargy and breathing difficulties.
  • Lack of air exchange leading to temperature differentials - uncomfortable for occupants.
  • Higher energy costs - people need to mitigate the above with electric or gas solutions.

Passive ventilation can assist to mitigate all of these issues.

Ridge Ventilation Products

Roofs in Australia are subject to intense summer heat and extreme temperature variations, for example, a steel roof can easily reach 70° C on a hot sunny day.

Without ventilation these temperature variations cause moisture to build up leading to mould and water damage to your roof structure and insulation materials.

Ridge ventilation systems

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