Minimalistic Dual Occupancy - Featuring Snap-Line45®

Dual Occupancy Jewel in Ramsgate - featuring Snap-Line45®

Architect Samuel Russo of Habitat Housing has capitalised on the striking ribs and defining pans of Snap-Line45® to create a home that will turn heads.

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Modern, Minimalistic Design

No1 Roofing & Building Supplies is proud to have been part of this project, which used our Snap-Line45® profile in the 345mm Module, manufactured in Colorbond® Surfmist®.

The contrasting neutral tones of Colorbond® Surfmist® with timber and contemporary landscaping have made a mark in this suburban street.

We were so inspired with this project that we engaged with Samuel to ask him a couple of questions about his design motivations and his choice of building materials.

Sam, Clarkes Road Dual Occupancy project in Ramsgate – The project sits on a streetscape with mostly single-storey face / painted brick single residential environment.

Your design shows modern minimalistic symmetric features of high-end architecture, which might contrast with surrounding buildings.

Q: Can you tell us more about how the concept for this project came about, going through the client's brief, site constraints and design intent?

“The concept for this project was derived through a thorough analysis of the client's brief, site constraints, and design intent.

The client expressed a desire for a modern and minimalistic aesthetic, while considering the design aimed to create a striking contrast while maintaining a sense of harmony with the neighbourhood.”

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Snap-Line45® Colorbond® Surfmist

Snap-Line45® Colorbond® Surfmist - Dual Occupancy

Q: Were there any specific challenges during the design stage regarding dual occupancy that could have directed the guidelines for this project?

“Dual occupancy projects often pose challenges related to maximising space efficiency, ensuring privacy between units, and complying with local regulations.

These considerations guided the design guidelines for this project, emphasising innovative spatial planning, effective sound insulation, and adherence to relevant zoning and building codes.”

Q: Tell us about the reasons behind choosing light coloured metal cladding for the external cladding:

“The choice of light-coloured metal cladding for the external facade was made for several reasons;

Firstly, it complements the modern and minimalistic design intent, creating a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

Secondly, the light colour helps to reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption and contributing to energy efficiency.

Lastly, the metal cladding offers durability, low maintenance requirements, and a variety of finish options.”

Snap-Line45® Colorbond® Surfmist - Striking Design

Q: Snap-Line45® in Colorbond Surfmist in a 345mm module was the solution found for the cladding material selection.

Can you tell us why this system was chosen, how the process of specification to installation went and if you are likely to specify Snap-Line45® again?

“Snap-Line45® in Colorbond Surfmist with a 345mm module was selected as the cladding material for this project.

The system was chosen due to its high-quality finish, versatility, and ease of installation. The Snap-Line45® system provides crisp and clean lines, contributing to the project's modern and symmetric design features.

The specification and installation process involved collaboration between the architect, supplier, and contractor, ensuring that the product was integrated seamlessly into the overall design.

Based on the successful experience with this system, it is likely to be specified again in future projects.

 Samuel Russo - Habitat Housing

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Design by: Habitat Housing / Installation by: ZMH Roofing

Snap-Line45® Colorbond® Surfmist - Cladding Material