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Drizoro is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of cementitious, waterproof membranes.

Drizoro is the product of choice throughout the construction industry for many of those most challenging waterproofing situations.

Moisture control is critical to prevent water loss from water tanks, swimming pools as well as to seal underground basements, utility plant rooms, balconies, parapets, and roofing elements.

Drizoro products are ideal wherever reliable waterproofing is essential.

Drizoro products can accommodate a range of situations above and below ground and interior as well as exterior applications.

Drizoro products offer a number of advantages including:

  • Suitable for potable water supplies
  • Require no primer or additional products
  • Wet surfaces do not need to be dried before application
  • Suitable for non-porous substrates
  • Exceptional ability to cope with substrate movement
  • Superior resistance against positive 11 bar (110m) and negative 6 bar (60m) water pressures

Waterproofing Membrane applications - where they can be used

Drizoro waterproofing products are typically used for solving many challenging building maintenance and waterproofing problems including:

  • Rising damp
  • Leaking walls
  • Sealing tanks
  • Repair cracked concrete
  • Spalling concrete repairs
  • Expansion joints
  • Damaged floors
  • Roads & pavements and much much more

Drizoro’s ability to work in even the wettest conditions is renowned throughout the building industry.

Drizoro Maxseal


The Maxseal range of high performance waterproofing products are designed for use with concrete and masonry.

The Maxseal products create effective barriers against significant negative and positive water pressures.

Maxseal Foundation—for when you need fail-safe waterproofing in foundations, basements, car parks, and retaining walls.

This cementitious product provides a reliable barrier against positive and negative water pressures even in aggressive water settings.

It’s easy to apply and requires no primer or additional products and can be painted over, back filled against after 3 days, & fully submerged under water after 7 days.

Maxseal Flex, Maxseal flex M, Maxseal flex express & Maxseal traffic waterproofing products are very flexible and designed for sealing concrete structures against negative or positive water pressure, above and below ground.

Applications include sealing foundation works, retaining walls, bridge repairs, tunnels, swimming pools & water-tanks, fountains, and roofing repairs even in the most severe conditions.

The Maxseal Flex range of products, in general, demonstrate superior crack-bridging abilities and form an effective seal against chlorine and CO2.

Maxseal Flex Express demonstrates a particularly rapid curing time making it ideal for applications where aggressive water conditions apply such as corrosive soil salts, marine settings or sudden rainfall may be expected.


Product Range Product Data Sheets
Maxseal You can download technical brochure for Maxseal  here. The specifications and safety sheet data is available for download here.
Maxseal Foundation You can download technical brochure for Maxseal Foundation here. The specifications and safety sheet data is available for download here.
Maxseal Flex You can download technical brochure for Maxseal flex here. The specifications and safety sheet data is available for download here.


Maxplug is an extraordinarily powerful quick-setting cement for plugging leaks. With a set time of 3 to 5 minutes even under water and at pressure, Maxplug is the ideal product for sealing leaks, cracks and holes in concrete and masonry.

Maxplug mixes with water to form a non-toxic cement that is frequently even stronger than concrete. It does not contract and so forms an immediate watertight seal.


Maxplug is ideal for:

  • Sealing concrete slabs & walls (basements, swimming pools, elevator shafts)
  • Sealing burst water pipes
  • Stopping gas leaks
  • Anchor bolts where instant load-bearing capacity is essential

Data sheets

Product Range Product Data Sheets
Maxplug You can download technical brochure for Maxplug here. The specifications and safety sheet data is available for download here.
Drizoro Maxrest


Maxrest is a quick setting, non-shrinking structural repair mortar for concrete and masonry applications. It’s a single product which makes application fast and easy.

It will not shrink and forms an integrated repair with structural concrete that is at least as strong or stronger than the surrounding concrete material. It sets rapidly—within 15 to 20 minutes.

And it’s odour-free and non-toxic.


Maxrest is ideal for:

  • General repair of structural concrete
  • Repairs to concrete lintels and water tanks
  • Repairs to architectural features
  • Patching reinforcing rod coverings

Data sheets

Product Range Product Data Sheets
Maxrest You can download technical brochure for Maxrest here. The specifications and safety sheet data is available for download here.
Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic


Maxjoint Elastic is an elastic mortar designed for sealing concrete, prefab and ceramic joints that are subject to significant movement.

Maxjoint Elastic is a two-product compound; product A consisting of synthetic resins in a liquid form, and product B consisting of specially formulated cement, additives, and aggregates.

The two products when mixed form a high strength bonding elastomeric cement suitable for sealing joints and cracks in water tanks, concrete, bricks and mortar.


Maxjoint Elastic is ideal for applications where the ability to withstand immersion in water and joint movement are essential such as:

  • Sealing expansion joints with a range of up to 15% movement
  • Pointing mortar for substrates that are prone to movement
  • Joints in pipelines and water treatment plants
  • Withstand 1bar (10m) positive & negative hydrostatic pressure


You can download detailed specification sheets outlining the ideal choice of Drizoro solutions for a wide range of challenging settings here.

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