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No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies are the premier supplier and stockist of Attic Group, Bailey Ladders and Natural Lighting (Keylite) Attic Ladders.

Attic ladders and stairs are the safe and easy way to convert unused roof space into convenient storage or even a spare bedroom.

Or maybe you simply need access to the roof space for maintenance but don’t want to lose valuable house space to permanent stairs.

Maybe you’ve wanted to use that roof space but the challenge of gaining safe access has just put it into the too hard basket.

We have a wide range of retractable or folding attic stairs and ladders to provide easy access to your roof. They’re designed to maximise your space in even the tightest areas.

Take a look at our range and you’ll be inspired by just how easy it is to optimise your roof space.

Lady pulling down attic ladder from ceiling



Depending on the pitch and construction of your roof, that roof area may add as much as 30% more space in your home or your garage.

Permanent stairs come with significant expense and inconvenience and they take up a lot of space.

Retractable or fold away attic stairs are the ideal way to access that space.

Their flexible and space saving design also means you can put them in very tight awkward spaces such as walk-in wardrobes.

And the ability to fold them away means that they are only visible when you need to use them.

If you’re not sure about whether your roof space could be suitable for converting into a convenient storage area come and talk to us.

You’ll be surprised at your options and how straight forward it can be.

Attic Group Ladders



The Attic Group is a family owned national company with over 40 years of experience and thousands of happy clients and customers.

The amazing attic conversions allow more storage, space and customisation to homes. The Company also offers flooring and dust proofing for your attic spaces as-well as premium attic ladders that will last!

The Founder and CEO, John Stewart and the rest of the Attic Group family have expanded the business across Australia with now showrooms and install teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


The Attic Performance – Nordic Pine is a premium quality folding 3 section attic ladder.

It is equipped with an beautifully finished insulated hatch in white and features a soft-touch spring loaded system that enables comfortable pull-down and storage as standard.

Product Features:

  • 580mm opening for truss roofs and 700mm for standard roofs allows easy access.
  • Made from Nordic Pine for strength and durability.
  • Stable 160kg rated load capacity with dovetail joints for added strength.
  • A red safety handle and grooved anti-slip treads for confident climbing.
  • Pre-finished white trapdoor spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening.
  • Plastic feet reduce scratching on floors.
  • Thermally insulated trapdoor with a special seal to prevent dust from entering the home.
  • Thermally insulated trapdoor reduces heat loss and sound transmission.
  • Comes assembled, ready to install and with full instructions making home installation trouble-free.

This attatic ladder suits customers who will use the ladder occasionally and who want a mid-range ladder for ceilings up to 3.25 metres, and is great for DIY installation as it does not require any pre-installation assembly.


The Optistep is designed for truss roofs combining functionality and durability at a very affordable price. The Ladder has plated metal butting hinges, and is constructed from kiln dried pine timbers.

Product Features:

  • Load capacity: 140kg.
  • Constructed from kiln dried pine timber.
  • Side rails tenoned, step treads grooved and screw tied.
  • MDF ceiling panel (ready to paint).
  • Plated metal butting hinges link step section.
  • Plated hardware.
  • Available in sizes to reach up to 3.05 metre ceilings.
  • Comes completely pre-assembled from factory.
  • Suitable for DIY installation or by general handy person.
  • Red safety handrail available (not included).

This ladder suits Customers with ceiling heights up to 3.05 and those who need to install the attic ladder in a tight spot eg. walk in wardrobe, laundry.


This ladder has a robust construction with a maximum load capacity of 180kgs. It has durable hinges and have a high load resistance due to the use of double joints. It has an insulated trapdoor to reduce heat loss

Product Features:

  • 565mm opening for truss roofs and 700mm for standard roofs allows easy access.
  • Made from powder-coated steel for strength and durability.
  • Stable 180kg rated load capacity with welded treads for added strength.
  • Durable hinges have a high load resistance due to the use of double joints.
  • Red safety handrail.
  • Pre-finished white trapdoor spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening.
  • Plastic feet reduce scratching on floors.
  • Constructed from metal.
  • Punched anti-slip treads.
  • Thermally insulated trapdoor.
  • Red safety handrail.
  • Pre-finished spring-hinged white trapdoor.
  • Suitable for DIY by general handy person or professional installation by Attic Group tradespeople.

Suits customers who will use the ladder occasionally and who want a metal ladder for ceilings up to 3.05 metres. Suits DIY installation as it does not require and pre-installation assembly.


This deluxe quality ladder is perfect for regular use in standard or truss roofs. It’s best designed for floor to ceiling heights up to 3.66 meters in Australian timber or aluminium.

Product Features:

  • MDF ceiling panel.
  • Heavy duty plated glove-hinges link step sections.
  • Plated adjustable balance springs.
  • Side assist springs on ladder sections.
  • Generous sized ceiling openings.
  • Sizes to reach up to 3.66 metre ceilings.
  • Safety handrail (timber).
  • Available in reduced width sizes to suit other truss roofs.
  • Completely assembled from factory and suitable for DIY by general handy person or professional installation by Attic Group tradespeople.

Suits customers who have a specific preference for aluminium, who will use the ladder regularly and customers with ceiling heights up to 3.66 metres.

Bailey Ladders Logo


The Bailey Attic Ladders range are lightweight, aluminium construction and is easy to open, close and install.

  • Durable - Will not splinter, decay or rust
  • Two (2) sizes available
    • FS13560 Standard ceiling height 2.34-3.12m / 170kg Domestic
    • FS13561 High ceiling heights 3.18-3.66m / 150kg Domestic
  • Gas struts for easy and quiet access
  • Handrail fitted for added comfort and stability
  • Heavy duty hinges for extra strength and rigidity
  • Hinged door braces help prevent warping
  • Additional toe clearance for comfortable climbing
Baileys Folding Attic Ladder Alluminium


The Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to ensure simple, fast installation.

With pre-installed Flick-Fit brackets, allowing installation from below the loft, and with a unique detachable ladder which enables one-person installation, the Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to make your life easier.

Features include:

  • Flick-Fit installation - Pre-installed brackets for installation from below
  • Continuous seal around trapdoor reduces heat loss
  • Pre-fitted handrail as standard
  • White 36mm thick insulated trapdoor
  • Unique detachable ladder - enables one person to install
  • Recessed locking system
  • Slip resistant treads
  • Dovetail joints on all treads
  • Scratch resistant protective feet

Note: Keylite Loft Ladders are not intended to be used as an alternative and/or substitute for traditional stairs in order to access loft converted areas.

Keylite Folding Loft Ladder
Installation of Attic Ladders



The Australian Building Code covers all aspects when converting a roof space to either a storage area or liveable quarters. Roof spaces with a truss frame system will not be suitable for anything other than storage.

If you want to turn your roof space into a habitable room then 60% of that area will need to have a 2.4 metre clearance from floor to ceiling.

The attic floor will also need to be strong enough to support the additional weight of furniture and walls. A structural engineer will need to asses this.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead to convert your roof space you need to think about the ideal type of attic ladder or stairs. Australian Standard AS1657 regulates dimensions, angles, and material choices for your attic ladder install.

All our ladders meet the requirements of AS1657 and the Building Code in terms of angle, rung size and spacing, handrail requirements, and strength.

Here is a brief summary of some of the requirements to help you decide whether you have the space in your home to fit an attic ladder or step ladder.

  • 6000mm is the maximum allowable height between landings
  • Ladders may sit at an angle between 70 to 90° (70 to 75° preferred)
  • The minimum landing area is 600mm x 600mm (clear of opening doors or other structures)
  • Headroom at top landing needs to be a minimum of 2000mm high
  • Minimum clearance from the back of any rung to any structure must be 200mm

Our attic ladders are generally suitable for DIY installation. Most Australian homes, period or modern, have got the space to add an attic ladder so take a look at our range of ladder models for your inspiration.

Types of Attic Ladders




We offer an extensive range of extension, sliding, and folding attic ladders in timber, steel, or aluminium.

All our attic stairs offer the perfect combination of smart classical elegance, functionality, and heavy duty construction for long-life durability.

You can also choose from manual pull down, spring loaded and electric folding models.

Attic ladders fold away in 3 basic formats:

  • Folding
  • Telescopic
  • Spring

A number of our attic ladders come with a pre-finished box frame and insulated trapdoors already included. These prevent heat loss and make installation very simple.

You can have the choice of a manual pull-down ladder (spring-assisted) or choose one of our high-end automated electric openers.


Folding ladders encompass those ladders where sections of the ladder fold back on themselves with the whole ladder then folding neatly above the ceiling trapdoor.

We have folding ladders available in timber, aluminium and steel to suit ceiling heights from 2,600mm to 3,600mm.


Telescopic attic ladders fold away in a concertina fashion. These tend to be made from super strong steel with heady duty hinges and moving parts.

Some of our telescopic attic ladders are specially designed for providing access to external rooftops or for reaching access points in vertical walls.

For these heavier duty attic ladders the hatch doors are usually made from steel or alloy.


Some of our models have powerful springs to assist in the closing of the ladder and hatch. These soft-touch springs allow easy opening especially on the pull-down models.


Choosing which model attic ladder is best for your needs will depend on a range of criteria including:

  • Dimensions—floor to ceiling
  • Max load capacity
  • Material and Price

Our wooden attic ladders are made from sustainably grown kiln-dried pine, and Nordic or Hoop pine. Timber attic ladders suit heights up to 3,600mm. Load bearing capacity for our wooden ladders ranges from 140kgs to 220kgs.

Steel and aluminium ladders have load capacities of up to 220kgs.

Choice of materials and type of folding action has a significant impact on the price.

Telescoping steel attic ladders and automated electric operating systems add significant convenience and ease but do increase the cost.


No1. Roofing and Building Supplies is the number one supplier for a range of elegant attic ladder solutions including the Attic  Group, Keylite and Baileys ranges to name a few.

We can help you with comprehensive advice and all your tools and fastener requirements too.

Contact Us to organise your quotation – we can offer also offer you a Supply and Install service with some of the most trusted and experienced installers.

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