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Rapid Ridge – An Australian First for Roofing

Rapid Ridge - An Australian First for Roofing

Rapid Ridge - How it Works

Rapid Ridge heralds a new dawn in roofing in Australia, a Ventilated Dry Ridge System.

The Rapid Ridge system facilitates an open ridge that allows the roof to breathe with the use of an advanced double labyrinth ventilated fleece.

This fleece has been tested to provide both ventilation and protection from driving rain.

This allows a mechanically fixed fully passive and ventilated dry ridge that will be effective on any home – tile or metal.

This solves a number of problems but in particular in Australian warmer climates where radiating heat and trapped heat means higher air conditioning bills to dissipate this heat and achieve suitable comfort level.

Whirly birds and other such methods will ventilate a small part of the roof, require maintenance, they look unpleasant on the roof and in reality are very ineffective.

Rapid Ridge - How it Looks On Your Roof

Passive Ventilation - No Moving Parts

Rapid Ridge allows the whole roof to be ventilated passively with no moving parts.

Significantly less heat gets into the attic space and tests have shown that home owners can save up to 43% on cooling energy costs by installing this system.

For the roofer or builder the appeal comes in the installation as it can be done in less than half the time to the traditional method.

Advantages are lightweight materials, unlike buckets of mortar being carried up ladders to bed the ridge and time saving in not having to call back on the 2nd day to finish off the pointing and hoping that it does not rain!

The Rapid ridge can be installed in one visit by using the unique components together to build a compliant and healthier house in less than half the time.

Rapid Ridge Ventilated Dry Ridge System

Why Make the Switch?

The Home Owner benefits with a cooler & healthier home. 

  • Achieve all the benefits of roof ventilation with a no maintenance complete passive system
  • Save up to 43% on cooling energy costs during the year
  • Incorporate world best roof building practice into your home for long lasting roof functionality

The Builder/Roofer benefits with lower cost to install. 

  • Install a dry ridge system in less than half the time compared to mortar and pointing
  • Use a tried and tested complete system that is in use throughout Europe
  • Use one product that is dry and clean for universal application on ridge and hip (in most weather conditions)

The Architect benefits with a better looking and functioning roof. 

  • Promote best practice that is better for the environment and better for the home owner into your designs
  • Be first to market and educate your clients on an Australian first that is widely used in Europe
  • Achieve improved aesthetics on the roof with better ventilation (i.e. no whirly birds!)

Rapid Ridge - How it Installs

It's Been Tested by the CSIRO

Rapid Ridge is a mechanically fixed, dry ridge maintenance free fully passive and ventilated system.

Tested by CSIRO for weather proofing and ready for installation on new homes that incorporates best roof building practice into the modern home.

Evo Building Products

EVO Building Products

Evo Build are national distributors of smart building solutions, established over 15 years ago. For more product information you can give the team at No. 1 Roofing a call, you can visit the Rapid Ridge website or you can download the product brochure:

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Roof Ridge Capping – A Critical Aspect of Any Well-Sealed Roof

Ridge Capping, Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised and Polycarbonate

Ridge capping is a critical aspect of any well-sealed roof.

It’s usually the last feature to be added to your roof but it is vitally important that it’s done correctly, as ridge capping prevents water and wind from getting underneath your roofing tiles or sheets through the highly exposed and vulnerable ridge seam.

Ridge capping also adds an attractive finish to the roof line.

Ridge capping comes in many different types and materials and No1 Roofing supplies a wide range of capping products and accessories to cater for all roof types including polycarbonate translucent plastic panels.

How Does Ridge Capping Work?

Ridge capping both looks and functions like a kind of V-shaped or rounded flashing. Roof ridge caps are fixed to the ridge lines with sufficient overlap across the sheets underneath and also feature a downwards folding lip to prevent wind or capillary action driving moisture into the roof cavity.

Ridge caps are an essential part of your roof’s drainage system. As with any roofing product it is critical that you choose the appropriate product for your requirements.

Things to consider include: 

  • Using appropriate roof materials for your area— corrosion zones, council requirements etc.
  • Checking that roofing materials are compatible with each other
  • The angle of your ridge capping will be affected by your roof pitch
  • Matching roof aesthetics

Correct installation and the use of appropriate fasteners is also pivotal to the long-term life and function of your new roof. Doing it on the cheap never pays so talk to the helpful No1 Roofing experts and avoid those costly mistakes.

Popular Ridge Capping Products

Image of Lysaght Ridge Capping


This well-known Australian manufacturer produces some of our most popular products. Lysaght manufacture ridge cappings and flashings to match all their products including Roll Top Ridge Capping, Barge Capping and Barge Roll.

They can also manufacture a range of custom shapes and profiles.

No1. Roofing can supply roof flashings for all the Lysaght range including:

  • Custom Orb range
  • Trimdek
  • Spandek
  • Klip-lok
  • Longline
  • Flatdek​

A wide range of 23 different colours means that Lysaght have the roof capping to top off your roof perfectly. And Lysaght uses 100% Australian made Colorbond or unpainted Zincalume steel.

Stratco Colorbond Ridge Capping Products


Stramit is another major Australian producer of high quality roofing materials. Stramit is part of the Fletcher Building company and have been around a long time with a reputation for excellence.

We supply Stramit products including:

  • Corrugated
  • Longspan
  • Speed deck Ultra
  • Monoclad​

Stramit uses superior Colorbond steel with the huge range of baked-on Colorbond colours for the look that’s so popular throughout Australia.

Stratco Colorbond Ridge Capping


Fielders has been looking after the needs of the Australian construction industry for 115 years. They have built their business around providing high quality products based on rigorous testing and superior engineering expertise.

Fielders supply ridge capping for their wide range of roofing profiles including:

  • Zinacalume
  • Colorbond Steel, Ultra Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised


Polycarbonate translucent plastic panels have become enormously popular especially for patios and outdoor areas.

We stock a range of ridge flashings to suit polycarbonate roofs from all the main manufacturers including:

  • Ampelite
  • Laserlite
  • Carbolite
  • Alsynite
  • Solasafe

No1 Roofing believes in providing a range of products so that our customers can find roofing solutions that match their creative vision. That’s why we also supply ridge cappings to match:

  • Corten Steel—for that iconic rusted look 
  • Aluminium—for a stunning appearance and superior corrosion resistance

If we don’t have what you want in stock we can generally get it for you at the low low prices we’re famous for.

Lysaght Ridge CappingPhoto of Lysaght Ridge Capping

Installing Ridge Capping

Installation is critical to the long term health and function of ridge capping. You need to think carefully about:

  • Material compatibility—this includes the type of timber sub-frame and the fasteners used as well as other roofing materials that may impact on the ridge capping. Be mindful also of water runoff from other roofing materials that might be incompatible 
  • Recommended fastener spacing 
  • Correct tightening of fasteners—too tight and washers may be damaged or the sheets deformed leading to moisture entry around the screw head 
  • Checking if you need a particular scribing break to fit your roof profile 
  • Using the correct scribing or notching tools for fitting the ridge cap lip snugly around the ridges on ribbed or corrugated profile sheets

Choose an appropriate silicone sealant to seal overlapping joins.

No. 1 Roofing: we know roofing and it’s our mission to give you the best roof for your needs and budget but the friendly, expert advice is always free.

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