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Climaseal 5 Roofing Screws for a Longer Lasting Roof

Climaseal 5 Roofing Screws for a Longer Lasting Roof

In roofing construction, as in life, it’s often the little things that can really let you down.

Fortunately, Climaseal anti corrosion screws and fasteners can make all the difference to your roof.

We all know that corrosion is a major problem for roofs in Australia but did you know that using the incorrect roof screws could lead to the complete failure of your roof?

Trying to save some money by using inferior screws is a recipe for disaster.

Using the wrong screw can actually speed up the corrosion process due to:

  • Galvanic corrosion—the wrong screw may actually set up a galvanic reaction with your roofing material and accelerate the corrosion process many times over
  • Build-up of detritus around the edges of poorly designed or inappropriate screws—this will increase wetness around the screw area and may contain conductive salts that foster corrosion
  • Trapped moisture around and under the screw head increasing the length of time the steel is wet—speeds up corrosion
  • Water entering the roof cavity underneath poorly formed or damaged screw heads or washers
Climaseal 5 - Class 5 Anti corrosive roofing screws by Buildex
Anti Corrosive Roofing Screws Climaseal 5.jpg

Anti Corrosive Roofing Screws Climaseal 5 by Buildex

You need to use anti corrosive screws to avoid premature corrosion and expensive and unsightly damage to your valuable roof.

Climaseal roofing screws by Buildex use a unique formulation and coating process specially designed with our severe marine climate in mind.

Although everybody loves the beach and most Australian housing is affected by marine conditions to some extent these are some of the most severe rust causing environments to build in.

You’ve invested heavily to live in this amazing area and you need to know your investment is protected. You need the special protection of Climaseal anti-corrosion screws.

Climaseal fastenings give you real peace of mind with superior rust protection guaranteed.

Climaseal 5 Roofing Screws provides superior protection

Climaseal 5 provides superior protection against the harmful effects corrosion

What are the advantages of Climaseal fastenings?

The Climaseal advantage includes a wide range of screws and fasteners from roofzips to timber and metal self drilling screws and in a range of Colorbond colours.

Climaseal are world leaders in corrosion resistant fasteners because Climaseal:

  • Screw threads feature increased corrosion resistance for greater structural integrity. The area beneath the screw head is often a weak point in inferior screws and damage during the installation process can lead to complete failure of screw. Unfortunately you might not even be aware of this until the roof is damaged beyond repair
  • Screw coatings display increased cracking and chipping resistance
  • Displays enhanced compatibility between screw and roof material, which helps to prevent galvanic reactions causing rust. This includes the washer, which can be a major cause of early failure in inferior screws.
  • Enjoys superior UV resistance protecting the coating against premature degradation under the harsh Australian sun
  • Promises excellent drill performance minimising damage to screw hole edges or incidence of crooked screw entry (which can severely reduce corrosion resistance)
Roofing Screws that have corroded.

What can happen when fastener coating is not compatible with roof sheeting

Buildex are so confident in the Climaseal difference that they guarantee Climaseal 5 products for up to 30 years in marine and 40 years in urban environments.

A longer lasting roof, no ugly rust stains around the screw heads, no expensive premature repairs—now that’s a real return on your investment.

What is Climaseal Coating?

Climaseal is a superior formulation and method of coating that provides a thicker, more even base and top coat.

This creates a more durable corrosion resistant zone and protects your steel roof for longer.

Cross-sections of inferior coatings side by side with Climaseal show a markedly superior performance in Climaseal’s coating integrity against chipping and cracking.

Other galvanized screw coatings quite literally crack under the strain, not Climaseal.

Cross-sectional views of the Buildex® Climasea® 5 coating

These are cross-sectional views of the Buildex® Climasea® 5 coating

What’s the difference between Climaseal 5 and Climaseal 4?

Climaseal 4 are rated as class 4 roofing screws and Climaseal 5 are rated as class 5 roofing screws.

They are designed for the Australian corrosion zones ISO 9223 known as severe marine and very severe marine.

What does this mean for you?

If your house is between:

  • 1km to 50kms from the ocean or 150m to 1km from a salt water creek or inlet Buildex will guarantee Climaseal 4 for 20 years and Climaseal 5 for 30 years.
  • 400m to 1km from the ocean or within 150m of a salt water creek or inlet Buildex will guarantee Climaseal 4 fasteners for 12 years and Climaseal 5 for 25 years.
  • Within 400m from the ocean you need to use Climaseal 5 and Buildex will guarantee them for 10 years

Replacing your roof can be expensive business and you want it to last. Climaseal gives you the confidence that your roof will last the distance and provide a real return on your investment.

Corrosion Zones - Comparing Class 5 to Class 4 Category

Difference in Corrosion Zones - Comparing Class 5 to Class 4 Category

Who is Buildex?

Buildex started in Australia in 1917 and has established a global reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of screws and fasteners on the planet.

Buildex is proud of its Australian roots and its 19,500 square metre manufacturing plant in Melbourne supplies all its Australian customers’ needs as well as exporting to 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.

Buildex was the first company to begin testing anti corrosion coatings in real world outdoor conditions in 1994. This continuous research and development programme has put Buildex to provide truly superior fasteners and screws.

One recent unintended test highlighted Climaseal’s superiority to other fasteners in graphic fashion when a builder ran out of Climaseal screws partway through a job and had to finish with an inferior screw.

The results were dramatic with the Climaseal screws remaining free from corrosion while the other screws quickly deteriorated.

If having a dependable roof over your head is important to you then don’t cut corners.

Get your roof screwed good and proper with Climaseal from Buildex.


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