Solar Skylights

Velux VSS Solar Powered Sklylight

Solar Powered Sklylight

Solar Skylight - The All New Solar Powered Skylight by VELUX

“To love beauty is to see light”, Victor Hugo (author of Les Miserables).

Light and beauty are two of the classic cornerstones of great house design. Now, with the VELUX solar powered skylight you can enhance your home with both beauty and light in abundance.

The VELUX solar-powered skylight features the latest in smart technology, and combines these with timeless design elegance to bring light, ventilation, and hard-wearing beauty to your home.

Light, beauty, intelligent design, and superior strength—these are the qualities you want in your home.

Embrace the outstanding qualities of a VELUX solar-powered skylight and see the transformation.

Solar Power Skylight Installation

Rain Sensing - Automatically Closes

VELUX VSS Solar Power Skylight

VELUX VSS Solar Power Skylight


Light is important for our health. We all know this instinctively; that’s why good natural lighting can add significantly to the value of your house.

But windows don’t always give us the light we need, and privacy issues, especially when we have close neighbours, can reduce their usefulness.

The new VELUX skylight is the perfect solution bringing natural, beautiful light and fresh air to the darkest corner of any room.

When the sun goes down VELUX continues to bring you the sparkling light of the stars and the moon—the perfect setting for that candlelit dinner.

And imagine waking up to the gentle morning light caressing your face.

The VELUX brings a new dimension to home lighting.


A VELUX skylight can increase that all-important sense of spaciousness in a room by effectively adding a window to your ceiling.

This not only allows an abundance of natural light and fresh air into your home but enhances your connection with the infinite beauty of the sky.

VELUX skylights are perfect for transforming those dark attic spaces into stunning living areas.

The VELUX solar-powered skylight is a masterpiece of engineering beauty. The painted internal wooden frame complements any interior design and offsets the sleek aluminium exterior of the skylight.

A special photocatalytic glass coating decomposes any organic matter and disperses rain drops quickly keeping the windows looking stunning, reducing the need for cleaning, and leaving you free to relax in your luxurious light-filled room.

Solar Sklylight

VELUX VSS Solar Sklylight

Intelligent Design

Not only is the VELUX skylight smart to look at, its smart technology saves you time, money, and hassle.

The skylight opens and closes thanks to a small solar powered unit. The tiny solar panel sits unobtrusively next to the frame and its power reserves will last for days even without the sun.

And if it starts to rain a sensor will automatically close the skylight—now that’s smart.

Gone are the days of bulky, ugly skylights; the VELUX’s unobtrusive low profile ensures your roof retains its sleek lines.

The elegant and slick remote looks just like a Smartphone and allows automatic programming to control multiple skylights.

You can set and forget the automatic timer with a choice of eight modes or you can create your own programmes for even greater flexibility.

Power outages are no problem for the VELUX; the skylight will continue to function perfectly normally.

You remain in charge of your ventilation and lighting needs. 

The VELUX is easy to install as no electrician is required.

VELUX VSS Solar Power Skylight

Easy Install Solar Power Skylight

Solar Power Skylight Installation

Solar Power Skylight Installation


VELUX solar-powered skylights have excelled against the most stringent Australian standards including:


  • Bushfire test—the VELUX solar-powered skylight will survive 1100° C heat for 10 minutes (2-5 times longer than the average bushfire)
  • Cyclone AS4285 the Velux passed this demanding cyclonic wind test not just once but 10,000 times
  • Hail test—artificial hailstones the size and weight of a cricket ball were hurled at the skylight at speeds approaching 172kph without leaving a single scratch

Double glazing, Low-E coating, and a heat resistant argon gas barrier block up to 80% of heat and 99% of damaging UV rays to keep your home cool and ensure the long life of your furnishings, carpets, and fabrics.

Double glazing reduces external noise by 32 dB and insect screens are included to create the prefect sanctuary inside your home.

Now that’s the kind of strength you want protecting your home and loved ones.

Solar Power Skylight
Solar Auto Sensing Skylight

Love the beauty of the VELUX solar-powered skylight and let the light transform your home into a place of splendour.

The VELUX solar-powered skylight for a lighting solution you can really look up to.

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Solar Powered Skylight by Velux

Solar Powered Skylight by Velux

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