Custom Metal Flashings and Cappings
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 / Published in Blog, Colorbond, Roofing
Life in the construction industry would be so easy if everything was a standard profile and size, wouldn’t it?No1. Roofing and Building Supplies has always been able to meet all your custom shaped metal requirements hassle-free including:Flashings and apron flashingsBox guttersValleysBarge and parapet capping’sBut when you’re dealing with roof flashings and capping features it’s never
Bluescope Warranty Colorbond
Thursday, 02 November 2017 / Published in Blog, Colorbond, Roofing
Quick Navigation What Warranties Are Available?Before Your Begin Your ApplicationList of Sample WarrantiesCaring For Your Colorbond InvestmentClaiming Against Your WarrantyVideo Guide - How To Use the Warranty Estimator So What's Protecting Your New Steel Colorbond Roof?The time has come to replace your roof and you now know that it’s going to be a valuable investment.But
Choose a Colorbond colour
Monday, 11 September 2017 / Published in Blog, Colorbond, Roofing
​Congratulations, you’ve decided to go with Colorbond steel for your roof - it’s a great decision. Now comes the fun part; choosing the right colour.Colorbond comes in an amazing array of colour choices but sometimes having so many choices can actually make the final decision that much harder.The difficulties of choosing the right colours are
Created by roofers for roofers
Monday, 04 September 2017 / Published in Blog, Roofing
EXPERIENCE THE WORLDS FIRST MAGNETIC ROOFING SHOESMagnetic Roofing ShoesAfter five years of design, development and testing, the specialised Magnetic Roofer® is vastly superior to any roofing footwear you have worn in the past.These roofing shoes come with a patented magnetic sole that's designed to offer extra grip, better traction keeping you safe when you need
Replacing your concrete tiled roof with a Colorbond Metal Roof
Thursday, 24 August 2017 / Published in Blog, Colorbond, Roofing
Quick Navigation What Are The Benefits of Colorbond vs Tile Roofing?What Does It Cost To Replace A Tile Roof With Colorbond?Is Colorbond Roofing More Difficult To Install Than Tiles?Will Colorbond Roofing Increase My Property Value More Than Tiles?How Do I Choose The Right Colorbond Product?Who Can I Trust To Install My New Roof? Looking To
BAL Flame Zone & Building Code Requirements
Thursday, 03 August 2017 / Published in Blog, Building Supplies, Roofing
Bush fire—two simple words that are guaranteed to raise your stress levels and your insurance premiums.Although Australians have never taken bushfires lightly the forecast is that bushfire intensity and frequency are only going to get worse.The Australian Building Code has always acknowledged the serious financial and social cost of extreme bushfire events and it attempts
Rapid Ridge - How it Works
Monday, 10 July 2017 / Published in Blog, Roofing
Rapid Ridge heralds a new dawn in roofing in Australia, a Ventilated Dry Ridge System.The Rapid Ridge system facilitates an open ridge that allows the roof to breathe with the use of an advanced double labyrinth ventilated fleece.This fleece has been tested to provide both ventilation and protection from driving rain.This allows a mechanically fixed