Rapid Ridge – An Australian First for Roofing

Rapid Ridge - An Australian First for Roofing

Rapid Ridge - How it Works

Rapid Ridge heralds a new dawn in roofing in Australia, a Ventilated Dry Ridge System.

The Rapid Ridge system facilitates an open ridge that allows the roof to breathe with the use of an advanced double labyrinth ventilated fleece.

This fleece has been tested to provide both ventilation and protection from driving rain.

This allows a mechanically fixed fully passive and ventilated dry ridge that will be effective on any home – tile or metal.

This solves a number of problems but in particular in Australian warmer climates where radiating heat and trapped heat means higher air conditioning bills to dissipate this heat and achieve suitable comfort level.

Whirly birds and other such methods will ventilate a small part of the roof, require maintenance, they look unpleasant on the roof and in reality are very ineffective.

Rapid Ridge - How it Looks On Your Roof

Passive Ventilation - No Moving Parts

Rapid Ridge allows the whole roof to be ventilated passively with no moving parts.

Significantly less heat gets into the attic space and tests have shown that home owners can save up to 43% on cooling energy costs by installing this system.

For the roofer or builder the appeal comes in the installation as it can be done in less than half the time to the traditional method.

Advantages are lightweight materials, unlike buckets of mortar being carried up ladders to bed the ridge and time saving in not having to call back on the 2nd day to finish off the pointing and hoping that it does not rain!

The Rapid ridge can be installed in one visit by using the unique components together to build a compliant and healthier house in less than half the time.

Rapid Ridge Ventilated Dry Ridge System

Why Make the Switch?

The Home Owner benefits with a cooler & healthier home. 

  • Achieve all the benefits of roof ventilation with a no maintenance complete passive system
  • Save up to 43% on cooling energy costs during the year
  • Incorporate world best roof building practice into your home for long lasting roof functionality

The Builder/Roofer benefits with lower cost to install. 

  • Install a dry ridge system in less than half the time compared to mortar and pointing
  • Use a tried and tested complete system that is in use throughout Europe
  • Use one product that is dry and clean for universal application on ridge and hip (in most weather conditions)

The Architect benefits with a better looking and functioning roof. 

  • Promote best practice that is better for the environment and better for the home owner into your designs
  • Be first to market and educate your clients on an Australian first that is widely used in Europe
  • Achieve improved aesthetics on the roof with better ventilation (i.e. no whirly birds!)

Rapid Ridge - How it Installs

It's Been Tested by the CSIRO

Rapid Ridge is a mechanically fixed, dry ridge maintenance free fully passive and ventilated system.

Tested by CSIRO for weather proofing and ready for installation on new homes that incorporates best roof building practice into the modern home.

Evo Building Products

EVO Building Products

Evo Build are national distributors of smart building solutions, established over 15 years ago. For more product information you can give the team at No. 1 Roofing a call, you can visit the Rapid Ridge website or you can download the product brochure:

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