Rainwater Tanks

Aquarius Rainwater Storage Tank Supplies – Sydney Rainwater Tanks Specialists

No 1 Roofing & Building supplies we proudly sell a full range of Aquarius Rainwater Tanks and Rainwater storage tank supplies for Sydney and the Northern Beaches.

Not only are Aquarius Rainwater Tanks available in a huge range of sizes, styles and capacities that are suitable for any home, they are also one of the few rainwater storage tanks available on the Australian market that require almost no plumbing at all – just position them under all of your home’s downpipes and you will be collecting valuable rainwater the next time the heavens open up over your Sydney home.

Aquarius rainwater tanks are economical, easy to install, add value to your home and offer a year round solution for all of your rainwater collection system needs around your home. Even during the dry times, your Sydney property can enjoy automated hosing, irrigation and bathroom and laundry water supply.

We sell the following Aquarius rainwater tanks and rainwater storage tank supplies:


  • Aquarius 1200
  • Aquarius 2000 L
  • Aquarius 3000 L
  • Aquarius 5000 L Round
  • Aquarius 330 Horizontal Rainwater Collection System
  • Aquarius 300 Rainwater Collection System


  • Leaf-screening Hood
  • Optional First Flush Tank
  • Full Flow Gravity Operated Float Valve
  • Check/Swing Valve
  • Mains Top Up Valve
  • Pressure Pump

To talk with one of the rainwater storage tank experts from No 1 Roofing & Building Supplies, and to discuss how an Aquarius Rainwater Tank can help your home’s water collection needs, Contact us today.