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The Pryda company has been a vital part of the Australian Building industry for well over 40 years. They become the leader in the wall frame and timber truss solutions due to ther development of a range of structual brackets and timber connectors.

After 40 years Pryda remain a trusted brand in the Australian building industry, their products are used everyday on building sites across Australia and are available in all good trade store, as well as architects, designers and engineers offices.

  • Floor & Rafter Trusses
  • Wall Framing
  • Floor Cassette Systems
  • Musclebeam Structual Beams
  • Truss Connectors
  • Roof Framing Tie Down Connectors
  • Floor Truss Fixing Details
  • Floor Truss End Support
  • Bracing Fixing Details

The Pryda products provide a total systems package to all licensed frame and truss plants by utilising the world’s best technology which includes a production system that is run by a fully integrated software system, access to the latest manufacturing equipment, and the highest levels of technical support


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