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Beautify Your Home and Enhance Your Investment with Architectural Panels

Architectural Panels

Renovations and new home builds can make your home stand out from the crowd – if you choose the right materials.

In Sydney, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to renovations.

Whether it’s the facade, landscaping or fashionable interiors, design is limited only by imagination and budget.

First impressions matter the most.

So it’s no surprise many homeowners are ditching the red brick and tile and opting for a stylish roof, smooth rendered walls or perfectly aligned cladding.

‘‘People are more aware of the exterior of their house than ever before,’’ says roofing expert David Scali. ‘They want their house to be a feature ... they want people to see their house and say, ‘Wow, that’s awesome’.’’
Architectural Panels Snapline 45 in Colorbond 1

Australian roofing trends have come a long way since the days of basic shingles and tiles.

Renovators tend to go for metal roofing and wall cladding, a trend inspired by European and American design looks.

‘‘Metal gives architects much more scope – much lower pitches, more shapes, curves, all these things can be achieved with metal which is not really able to be achieved with tile,’’

...says Scali, who runs No.1 Roofing and Building Supplies, an independent manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Architectural panels made from Colorbond, Zincalume and aluminium have become popular in modern Australian home design.

In the trade they are known as standing seam, snap lock, interlocking panels and nail strip and Snapline 45.

The panels either fit with a concealed direct fix screw or clip system.

They give a clean line and flat pan look.

Colorbond is the most popular choice for panels and it comes in a range of colours, with more options than traditional tiles and older-style corrugated roofing.

The trend is to go matt, not gloss.Thanks to technology, Colorbond roofs also fade less than they did in the past, making metal ‘‘very low maintenance’’, Scali says.‘

Roofing Snap Lock
Cladding Snap Lock

‘You probably wouldn’t have to repaint a Colorbond roof until the end of its lifespan most of the time now, whereas people used to do it quite a bit,’’ he says, adding that a roof can have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

The trend to metal roofs is also driven by insurance companies.

Metal is seen as more hardy than tiles. Tile roofs tend to crack and leak in violent storms.

Metal better withstands hail and bad weather.

‘‘Extreme conditions can damage any roof but a metal roof will generally handle poor weather better than a tile roof, including branches falling on it,’’ Scali says.

Architectural panels can be more expensive than traditional roofs.

But, Scali says, from what he has seen, they can add hundreds of thousands to the sale price of a property.

‘‘People may overlook it a bit, but a lot of prospective buyers will actually look at a roof,’’ he says.‘‘

There is definitely value in a new roof – it really highlights a house.’’

Standing Seam Nailstrip Colorbond 3
Architectural Panel Supplies

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Corten Steel Panels for Cladding and Roofing

Corten Steel Panels for Cladding and Roofing - Combining the Best of the Old and the New

When you want to create an architectural masterpiece for your next roofing or cladding project, new, doesn’t always mean better.

But when you can combine the best of the old with modern innovation you can create something truly special.

And now, Cor-Ten A weather resistant steel opens up a vision of the future with a backwards glance at the time-tested strength of the past.

Cor-ten A weather resistant steel offers an age-old rustic look that provides a stunning contrast to modern design elements yet without sacrificing longevity or structural strength.

Cor-ten has been around for a long time and proven its worth. Read on and find out what makes it so special and so perfect for your next building project.

Corten Cladding Project

Cladding, Roofing and Panels, Where Can I Use It?

Cor-ten A weather resistant steel can be used in a wide variety of roofing and cladding applications including:

  • Roofing
  • Wall cladding
  • Structural beams and supports
Corten Steel Panels
Corten Steel Cladding Project

The colour, texture, and weather resistant qualities make Corten cladding and roofing products perfectly suited for any project that demands a spectacular visual statement. Its core strength and flexible applications make it ideal for:

  • Industrial roofing and cladding for warehouses
  • Architectural Panels for Commercial premises
  • Rural sheds and stores
  • Wall cladding or roofing for architecturally designed houses​

From vineyards to office buildings, and sheds to mansions or holiday homes Corten steel panels delivers image and function in one amazing package.

What Corten Steel Cladding Profiles are Available?

Corten steel cladding and roofing options feature a range of profiles including:

  • Interlocking Panel by No.1 Roofing - strong architectural lines, outstanding weathertight design for buildings that deserve to be noticed.
  • Standing seam by No.1 Roofing —eye-catching profile, advanced seam sealing design, and wide span coverage makes standing seam one of the most popular profiles around.
  • Traditional Corrugated—the rich earth coloured patina adds a depth of charm to a true classic.
  • Snaplock by No.1 Roofing —combines the strong lineal rib pattern with rapid installation and superior weather tight seams
Standing Seam Corten Steel

Standing Seam Corten Steel

Corrugated Corten Steel

Corrugated Corten Steel

The rich earth colours are the foundation and promise of an unforgettable building no matter which profile you choose.

What is Cor-ten A Weather Resistant Steel?

Weather resistant steel (or weathering steel) is a cold-rolled steel alloy that forms its own protective layer.

Whereas the galvanizing process adds a zinc anode to steel during production Cor-ten A steel builds up a protective anti corrosion patina over time and under the influence of the weather.

This protective patina takes on a rich reddish-brown rusted weathered look that will provide a real point of difference and transform your building project into a deeply satisfying iconic masterpiece.

The colourful protective layer forms as a result of various alloys in the steel reacting with the cyclic wet/dry action of the weather and the resulting corrosion products protect the steel from further corrosion for many years.

These anti-corrosion properties are even superior to those of ordinary steel in many applications including industrial settings exposed to exhaust fumes from sulphur content fuels or scaling at high temperatures.

Originally developed by the United States Steel Corporation, the Cor-ten A is made under licence by Ruukki, a Finnish company committed to the care and protection of the environment.

Rusted Steel Cladding

Corten - Rusted Steel Cladding

What are its Special Qualities?

Cor-ten A weather resistant steel retains a special ability to change with time. Within 18-36 months the steel will take on its distinctive rustic appearance.

Although its structural integrity remains intact the patina colour will darken as time goes on. Some variation in colour can be expected but this adds to its eye-catching appeal.

Image is so important these days and whether you want your project to blend in with the environment such as a new house design for an environmentally sensitive site or to stand out from the crowd with an iconoclastic juxtaposition of rustic steel and glass or timber Cor-ten A promises to deliver a visual feast of colour.

Cor-ten is a natural work of art with its deep red, brown, and orange colouring and patterns in constant transformation as the light changes throughout the day.

And when night falls, Cor-ten remains alive as the perfect backdrop for artificial lighting effects.Whatever the weather and time of day Cor-ten A will continue to attract attention and impress.

A clever combination of old rustic appearance, stunning natural colourings, superb strength to weight properties, and corrosion resistance will ensure people talk about your building for many years to come.


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Tell me more about Ruukki

Ruuki is proudly committed to creating steel products in the most environmentally friendly and safe way possible. From steel recycling to minimal CO2 output Ruukki is a world leader in iron manufacturing efficiency.

Ruukki’s commitment to the environment also extends to the health and safety of employees, contractors, and customers.

Cor-ten A weather resistant steel offers those traditional values of hard wearing rugged endurance and old world visual appeal alloyed with an extraordinary vision of modernity and an environmentally friendly future.

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Standing Seam Cladding Panels

Standing Seam Cladding Panels - Pure Style and Strength

Standing seam cladding panels offer a modern and prestigious cladding alternative that looks at home on any building from residential homes to schools, industrial buildings and commercial premises.

These cladding panels ally superb aesthetic values with flexible construction and design techniques to provide an outstanding roofing and cladding product with superior aesthetics and longevity.

Snap Lock and Nail strip have a slightly different profile but are essentially variants of the standing seam technique. Each offers a flexible, fully customizable alternative with an array of advantages over more traditional cladding systems.

No.1 Architectual Panel System - Interlocking Panel


Standing Seam cladding panels will enhance a full expression of any architectural design vision. Their versatility means that they can be adapted to any roof or wall configuration allowing for angled, curved, domed, or conical applications.

The strong lineal profile presents a bold and powerful vision of modernity that contrasts beautifully with timber panelling, stone work, brick, glass or any other cladding material. Standing seam panels create a prestigious look that will retain its striking youthful appearance in the face of changing building fashions and Australia’s extreme weather patterns.

Long, clean lines, a range of rib height and pan width sizes together with a choice of materials and colours allows for complete freedom in your creative expression.

Materials include:

  • Colorbond/ Zincalume/ Metallic/Ultra
  • Zintek Zinc / Jarden Zinc, VM Zinc, Rhine Zinc
  • Copper
  • Aluminium


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The possibility of using panel lengths of up to 8 m or more, exceptional strength, and resistance to water ingress make standing seam panels perfect for covering large roof surfaces and in areas subject to weather extremes including torrential rain and even snow.

These panels can be used on any pitch from virtually horizontal (1.5°) to vertical and provide almost limitless opportunities for stunning architectural design.

Structural strength

The standing seam technique ensures the joints display exceptional water tightness and strength. Standing seam panels are generally installed installed on 15 to 18mm ply and are held in place by clips (although the Nail strip profile offers some variation to this rule) . The ply provides a great deal of torsion support and strength.

Sliding clips allow room for movement in building materials and all clips are screwed using countersunk screws into timber framing. The clips are concealed leaving a seamless appearance.

Each sheet has a 25mm to 38mm vertical lip that overlaps with the lip on the neighbouring sheet—the lips are crimped together for a superior waterproof seal. manual crimping technique ensures a tight seal and clean lines while reducing installation time.

Standing seam panels are designed for longevity. Colorbond Ultra, Aluminium, Zinc and Copper increase the natural anti-corrosion properties of standing seam panels making them a perfect solution for coastal construction and other projects subject to salt laden winds.

Standing Seam

Ribs are manually crimped together.


  • Roof or wall application
  • Crimping technique provides good watertight seal and reduces installation time
  • Concealed fixing screws
  • Rib height—25mm or 38mm
  • Installed on 15mm ply for walls and 18 mm ply for roof applications
  • Fixed using concealed clips
  • Panel lengths up to 8 metres or more
  • Minimum pitch 3°

Snap Lock

The Snap Lock panels looks very similar to standing seam but the design of the lip enables panels to simply snap together obviating the need for crimping.


  • Roof or wall application
  • Rib height—25mm or 38mm
  • Installed on 15mm ply for walls and 18-19mm ply for roof applications
  • Fixed using concealed clips
  • Panel lengths up to 8 metres (6m is the recommended)
  • Minimum pitch—1.5°

Nail Strip

The Nail Strip panels have a perforated strip along one side of each sheet enables screw fixing directly to a rigid substrate. There is no need for either fixing clips or crimping and this means installation is fast and straightforward.


  • Roof or wall application
  • Concealed fixing with screws or nails
  • Rib height—25mm or 38mm
  • Installed on 15mm ply for walls and 18 mm ply for roof applications
  • Panel lengths up to 6 metres (4m is the recommended)
  • Minimum pitch—7.5° (3° is permitted but requires sealant along lap joints)

In general, the substrate for Standing seam, Snap Lock and Nail Strip needs to be rigid and continuous with an unbroken 40mm ventilation space.

However, Nail strip in the Colourbond, Zincalume, Metallic and Ultra 38mm x 265mm range also allows the added flexibility of installation on 40mm metal battens at 600mm centres when used in a wall cladding application.When your vision demands long, clean lines,

Standing seam, Snap Lock and Nail Strip boldly step forward with a timeless mix of classical and modernist elements—the perfect choice for your next project.


Sydney's leading supplier and manufacturer of Standing Seam Panels!

* Although all care is taken in the creation of this document it is only for the purpose of providing information on available profiles. We strongly recommend you discuss your project with us before selecting these products.